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Effortless Odour Removal in Minutes!

Refresh your indoor spaces

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Your Cleaning Companion

The MINI POWERZONE is perfect for fast, highly effective odor removal in challenging environments. With its advanced Photoplasma™ technology, it outperforms conventional cleaning methods by addressing odors at the source, in the air or on soft furnishings. It’s designed for use in unoccupied spaces and can be easily programmed with a timer.

  • Increase your revenue effortlessly
  • Reduce manual labor costs
  • Slash operational expenses
  • Maximise productivity with ease
  • Earn excellent reviews
  • Conquer odours, anytime, anywhere!
Internal parts of the BSG Mini Powerzone machine
Versatile and Dynamic

Key Applications


Versatile Applications

MINI POWERZONE is the go-to solution for emergency odour removal, swiftly tackling unwanted smells in critical areas. Perfectly designed for rapid and effective odour reduction, it’s the ideal choice wherever immediate and efficient results are essential.


Care Homes

Waste Areas

Manufacturing Facilities

Educational Environments

Gyms and Leisure Centres

Food Preparation Areas

The power to perform

Exceptional performance

The MINI POWERZONE utilises a high-performance fan to draw air into the activation chamber. Within this chamber the air is thoroughly exposed to powerful UV light. The natural interaction between UV light and air generates our Photoplasma blend.

The outcome: A rejuvenated and invigorating indoor environment that evokes the refreshing scent of being in the mountains, near a natural waterfall or the aftermath of rainfall.

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Bad air is sucked into the unit (black dots represent micro-organisms, bacteria, etc)

Bad air is treated with UV lamps which generates Photoplasma

Good air out - Photoplasma continues to spread through environment