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Every great idea starts its journey just like that, an idea!  It takes dedication, hard work and a team of incredibly talented people to make turn ideas into reality.

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Our founding team began BIOZONE SCIENTIFIC GROUP (BSG) in 1996 with a focus on using natural, chemical-free UV solutions for air purification. Success and growth of that business revealed the business opportunity to develop UV technology for a global customer base.


By 2004, our core products and solutions were in place, with a focus on HVAC Commercial, Air purification and IAQ, Chiller and Ice equipment for the catering and hospitality sectors, as well as safety in the kitchen. Multiple innovations and patents have continued to develop the range and allowed the organisation to introduce new product iterations of their core product line.

As we developed deep roots in international markets, with customers in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australasia as well as partnerships with global distributors and OEM manufacturers BSG continued to redefine their global product offering, in which UV technology can be used to solve long-standing problems and enhance safety, energy efficiency, disinfection and well-being.

Biozone Scientific technologies today continue to focus on UV disinfection, Odour control, Energy efficiency, Chemical free and 24/7 automated cleaning. 


In 2021, Biozone Scientific recently took a major step forward in its growth, when under new ownership the organisation moved its global HQ to the UK, with a new senior management team now defining the future global strategy.

Biozone Scientific LTD is a privately held company headquartered in UK.


Biozone Scientific have their global HQ in the UK, with sales and operations located in Orlando Florida, Hong Kong, Shenzhen China, Toronto Canada and the UK. Biozone Scientific also partners with distributor and manufacturing specialists all around the globe to expand the business reach.

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