The ultimate solution for automatic disinfection of ice machines

Reduces microbes on every surface that the ice touches in the ice production area

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Powerful protection for ice machines

BSG ICEZONE is an air and surface clean-in-place (CIP)  system for ice machines.

It reduces microbes on every surface that the ice touches in the ice production area, storage bin, and beverage dispenser.

  • Prevents the wastage water and water pollution associated with manual cleaning
  • Prevents the formation of slime, mould, and yeast
  • Controls bacteria in hard-to-reach areas that are difficult to clean
  • Works with every type of commercial ice machine

All of our products contribute towards the health of the planet and ICEZONE is no exception. ICEZONE harnesses our UV Photoplasma technology, which means it eliminates the need for harmful chemicals such as bleach and solvents.
ICEZONE also reduces ice machine cleaning time, and prevents the excessive wastage water associated with manual cleaning. When you purchase ICEZONE, you can be sure that you’ll receive a return for the environment, as well as a return on investment.

Return on investment

Saving money doesn’t have to be hard…

How much could you save?

Use our ROI Calculator to find out!

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Return for the environment

Let’s talk about the cost of clean ice…

The FDA recommends ice machines are cleaned 4x per year to ensure safety and hygiene. One ice machine, cleaned 4x per year uses 800 gallons of water..

A bathtub can hold 80 gallons of water. So, one ice machine cleaned annually wastes 10 bathtubs full of water.


To put that into perspective…

100 ice machines cleaned annually wastes 1000 bathtubs full of water
so for managers of chain stores and restaurants, that’s a lot of wasted water.

Working hard

We’re in ice machines all over the world

ICEZONE is mandated in all new ice machines at several restaurant chains.

ICEZONE already works with your entire fleet of machines. Available as an OEM and as a retrofit, ICEZONE is approved for use on all major makes and models of ice machines.

Here are just a few of the companies who use our technology…

How does ICEZONE and Photoplasma clean surfaces and the air inside your Ice machine?

ICEZONE circulates UV formed Photoplasma, within the closed-loop system of an ice machine’s interior.  Photoplasma is generated by airborne molecules such as oxygen and water vapor under the exposure of the specialized UV spectrum. It includes reactive oxygen species, free radicals, electrons. These actively capture contaminants and destroy their structures through a chain of reactions, resulting in the contaminants being decomposed and converted into harmless end-products, like carbon dioxide and water. 

ICEZONE effectively cleans every surface inside your machine which the ice will touch.  Ultraviolet light, Photoplasma, and negatively-charged ions are powerful and effective cleaning agents, perfectly designed to reduce odours, bacteria, mould, and mildew, and to break down unwanted chemicals and compounds.

Technology solutions from BSG are used by thousands of companies to reduce airborne microbial contamination and improve the quality of life in work places, homes and businesses all over the world.

See The Power Of ICEZONE In Action

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