Environmental, Sustainable and Governance

Biozone Scientific core product offering is clean, natural and safe.

We offer world Class UV disinfection solutions through equipment manufacturers, partnerships, or distribution channels, with custom manufacture to a global client base.

Icezone machine surrounded by leaves, flowers and a butterfly to signify the eco friendliness of the product.

Through these partnerships our technology will save energy, make equipment safer, reducing maintenance costs, improving health, hygiene and indoor air quality (IAQ) with fully automated, chemical free technologies that work 24/7. 

Biozone Scientific are actively working to reduce their environmental impact on the planet.  In addition, we are working with suppliers to reduce packaging sizes, removing the use of single use plastic and polystyrene, we have the ability to track our freight shipping and measure the carbon cost of this method of transport. 

Image of earth focused on europe
Our products are designed to last for years, our UV Lamps can be effectively recycled, ESG is a part of our DNA and we are committed to ensuring our actions and product solutions deliver lasting positive impact.

Biozone Scientific are committed to a future with ESG as prevalent as the UV light running though out our business.  Biozone Scientific will be in everything we do as a company, employer, manufacturer and innovator.  Biozone Scientific promise to lead by example as well as to support our distributors, suppliers and manufacturing partners, helping contribute to their sustainability, contribute to their communities and the environment.

ESG is a long-term responsibility for Biozone Scientific, and our commitments to our customers, employees and the millions that come into contact with our technology.

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