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A Global Team Committed to Solutions, Science, and Support

Biozone Scientific

We design and manufacture ultraviolet light commercial and industrial applications, creating systems for disinfection, sanitation, preventative maintenance, and odor control solutions

Chemical-free Solutions and Green Initiatives

We are proud to design and manufacture products that meet the needs of a greener, more healthy world.

Biozone takes its stewardship of the Earth seriously, and our philosophy extends to our products: we help people and companies reduce maintenance costs, lighten the carbon footprint of their own systems, extend the life of their HVAC and Food Service equipment, and reduce reliance upon hazardous chemicals.

Companies who choose Biozone solutions can earn LEED points and achieve WELL and other necessary certifications.

Creativity and Innovation

Biozone was celebrated as the winner of  the Edward Lowe Foundation’s Companies to Watch award.

The award is granted to high-performance companies who demonstrate

“. . . steady growth in employee counts and revenue as well as strength in leadership, corporate culture, community support and philanthropy, innovation in management or technology.”

Biozone Scientific would like to thank GrowFL and the Edward Lowe Foundation for their support, generosity, and recognition. 

The Biozone Story

Headquartered in central Florida, U.S.A., Biozone builds technologies that makes homes and businesses cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable.

Our founding team began in 1996 with a focus on using natural, chemical-free UV solutions for air purification.  Success and growth of that business revealed the deep need for this mature technology in new markets. This surprising lack of modern technology and innovation drove us to create our own solutions and define several new product categories in the area of automated disinfection.

By 2004, our core products and solutions were in place, and new management brought renewed focus to creating category-defining products.  Multiple patents led to new generations of popular solutions and additional product lines.

As we developed deep roots in international markets, with customers in Europe and Asia as well as partnerships with global distributors who are keenly attuned to the unique needs of their areas, we found more and more ways in which UV technology can be creatively used to solve long-standing problems and enhance human safety and comfort.

Our hardware offerings are built upon these core philosophies. It’s our goal to continue to offer solutions that make homes and businesses cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable.

In 2014, Biozone was the recipient of the National Restaurant Association’s Kitchen Innovations Award, and was named to the list of Florida Companies to Watch.

Biozone recently took a major step forward in its continued growth, when CEO Ari Ahola moved the corporate headquarters to new offices in Orlando, Florida. An experienced, successful entrepreneur, Ahola has honed the company’s strategy and continued to build a world-class management team.

Biozone Scientific is a privately held company headquartered in Orlando, Florida, with offices in 5 countries on 3 continents.

Success with Biozone

We serve some of the world’s most outstanding brands.

UV solutions from Biozone are used by millions to disinfect air and improve the quality of life in homes and businesses all over the world

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Biozone's Disinfection Technology Solutions

improve the quality of people’s lives in a variety of places, including homes, offices, restaurants, airports, washrooms, and hospitals.

Click below to read more about the practical application of these amazing technologies.

HVAC Solutions

Automated, always-on air treatment and duct cleaning

Foodservice Solutions

Ice machine disinfection, commercial kitchen hood & duct cleaning, and odor control

Hygiene and Odor Control Solutions

Surface and air disinfection and odor removal


Biozone Scientific designs and manufactures ultraviolet light commercial and industrial applications, creating systems for virus disinfection and sanitation, preventative maintenance, and odor control solutions.

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, we serve clients globally, with offices in 5 countries on 3 continents.


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