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Introducing INDUCT, your ultimate ventilation solution. Harnessing our proprietary Photoplasma™ technology, INDUCT automatically and continuously purifies both air and surfaces. Photoplasma™ continues to clean and refresh once it's returned to the room from the ventilation, ensuring worry-free, refreshed, and hygienic indoor spaces. Say hello to cleaner, safer air with INDUCT.

Illustration of OGR working to clean the kitchen hood and the attached ventilation
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Automated and Hygienic

Cleaner, Fresher Air

Breathe cleaner, fresher air with INDUCT. Placed strategically within the air ducts, it works tirelessly to disinfect both air and surfaces, ensuring a healthier environment for your building. Continuously and automatically provides central air purification, evenly distributing Photoplasma™ throughout the indoor environment to reduce odours, cleaning and freshening the air.

Key Benefits
  • Continuous Air Purification: Treats all air being fed into an indoor space from a central point, reducing odour and micro-organisms.
  • Elevated Indoor Air Quality: Neutralises contaminants, fostering a cleaner and healthier atmosphere
  • Enhanced Air Quality Assurance: Safeguards businesses, customers, and staff by delivering pristine, bacteria-free air throughout facilities, ensuring a healthier indoor environment.
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Global Success Stories

Regal Hotels
Regal Hotels Customer of OGR

The Problem: A deluxe 4-star hotel located in Sha Tin with over 1000 rooms and 8 restaurants was facing challenges with smoke odour from air ducts, carpets and surfaces.

The Solution: INDUCT was chosen by the hotel as it offered a central solution to their problems, cleaning both air ducts as well as treating guest rooms.

The Outcome: INDUCT reduced airborne bacteria by 78% and surface yeast & mould by 98%. Guests experienced a remarkable improvement in air quality, eliminating odours and enhancing overall satisfaction.

Kitchen hood covered in grease and grime before OGR is installed
Castle Peak Hospital
Logo for BurgerFi, a customer of OGR.

The Problem: A psychiatric hospital was struggling with musty odours and poor hygiene levels on wards.

The Solution: The hospital sought a solution that would remove odours, as well as remove airborne and surface bacteria to protect their staff and patients.

The Outcome: INDUCT reduced TVOC's by 85%, airborne bacteria by 46% and surface yeast and mould by 96%. With 24/7 operation, it continuously purifies to enhance hygiene and air quality for visitors, patients and staff.

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How does it work?

INDUCT seamlessly integrates into the ventilation pipes of HVAC systems, ensuring optimal placement for maximum efficacy. The UV lamp is strategically positioned vertically within the duct to facilitate efficient air treatment.

Once installed, INDUCT diligently treats all air passing through the duct. The interaction between the air and the UV lamp initiates the creation of our powerful Photoplasma™ blend, known for its exceptional purification properties.

The treated air, enriched with the revitalizing effects of Photoplasma™, then travels into the indoor environment. This freshly treated air continues its mission of cleansing and purifying as it circulates throughout the space.

The culmination of INDUCT’s purification process results in a completely purified indoor environment. Experience the invigorating sensation of being outdoors, whether it’s the crisp air high up in the mountains or the refreshing mist of a waterfall, right in the comfort of your own space




Versatile Applications

INDUCT  is the ultimate solution for any building or facility equipped with an HVAC system. Say goodbye to contaminated air, and say hello to central air purification that delivers refreshed, hygienic indoor environments.


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