Improve the air quality of your surroundings

FRESHCARE uses a combination of technologies to clean the air by capturing particles to reduce viruses and bacteria as well as unwanted odours.

2 BSG Freshcare units
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BSG Freshcare Facts

Enhanced air purification system

A powerful, multi-staged filtration system combined with UV that reduces viruses and bacteria as well as unwanted odours like food and smoke.

  • Powerful, multi-staged filtration system combined with UV
  • Neutralises all forms of airborne contaminants
  • Improves overall hygiene levels
  • Completely automated and chemical-free
  • Simple stress-free maintenance
Air Quality Indicator

The built-in PM2.5 sensor uses a coloured light to quickly show you the current air quality in your space

Freshcare Features

Simple solution, powerful results

ULTRA+ models are fitted with a Photoplasma lamp that actively eliminates TVOCs, airborne and surface bacteria, viruses, yeast and mould.


Pre-filter captures larger particles such as dust & hair to ensure all filters can operate perfectly.

HEPA13 Filter
HEPA13 Filter

The HEPA13 filter with activated carbon removes 99.97% of airborne particles and absorbs unwanted odours, gases and chemical VOCs.

UVC Lamp icon
UV-C Lamp

ULTRA: A 254nm germicidal lamp providing a chemical-free, self-cleaning disinfection system.

PM 2.5
PM 2.5 Sensor

PM 2.5 sensor provides real-time detection to indicate air quality, while setting optimal fan speeds.

Upgrade to our ULTRA+ option which includes photoplasma for enhanced odour control
Understanding Freshcare

How it works

The FRESHCARE Series is ideal for both residential and commercial areas, it provides an excellent solution for those concerned about a clean and healthy indoor environment. 

The stylish design of the unit can blend into the interior design of commercial space and is able to run quietly in the background cleaning 24/7.

FRESHCARE uses a combination of technologies to clean the air. 

Pre-filter will capture the largest airborne particles of dust dander, pet hairs and other contaminants, this mesh filter is easily vacuumed or cleaned to help protect the main particulate filters.

FRESHCARE uses HEPA 13 Grade filtration, allowing contaminants to be filtered from the airstream as it passes through the filter.  Captures up to 99.5% of particles as small as 0.1 microns, while the activated carbon layer in the filter adsorbs odours, harmful chemicals and gases such as formaldehyde.

Where to use Freshcare

Get the most out of Freshcare

To get the best out of FRESHCARE it’s important to ensure the indoor environment is suitable. Here are a few to which FRESHCARE will make the biggest difference.

Small Office

Waiting rooms

Class rooms

Meeting room

Babycare room


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Bad air is sucked into the unit (black dots represent micro-organisms, bacteria, etc)

Bad air is treated with UV lamps which generates Photoplasma

Good air out - Photoplasma continues to spread through environment