Indulge in the ultimate solution for cooker hood protection with our Odour & Grease Removal system. Embrace hassle-free, automated maintenance and cleaning that ensures a pristine environment. Banish cooking odours and eliminate grease build-up from the hood, baffles, and ventilation system effortlessly. Minimize fire risks and foster a healthier working environment for both staff and customers alike.

Illustration of OGR working to clean the kitchen hood and the attached ventilation
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Odour & Grease Removal

Automated Cleaning

For Commercial Cooker Hoods

ODOUR & GREASE REMOVAL offers an automated, chemical-free solution for kitchen cooker hood cleaning. The solution breaks down oil and grease particles, reducing odours and fire risks. ODOUR & GREASE REMOVAL saves time and money on manual cleaning, ensures a pleasant environment for staff and customers, and minimizes unit downtime. With a commitment to efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability – ODOUR & GREASE REMOVAL transforms kitchen hygiene.

Key Benefits

Increased Efficiency: With automatic cleaning, kitchen hoods maintain peak performance, ensuring efficient ventilation and odour removal.

Excellent Return on Investment: By eliminating the need for manual cleaning, replacement filters and costly maintenance, our solution helps end users save on operational expenses.

Creates a Safer Environment: The removal of grease build-up and harmful fumes eliminates fire hazards creating a safer working and dining environment.

Peace of Mind: Our efficient and reliable technology provides peace of mind, knowing that kitchen hoods are consistently clean and operating at optimal levels, meeting hygiene standards.

Cleaning a cooker extractor

Global Success Stories

Logo for BurgerFi, a customer of OGR.
Odour & Grease Removal

The Problem: In 2023, a chain of BurgerFi restaurants faced persistent complaints from residents due to odour issues. Moreover, the manual removal of grease generated incurred significant cleanup costs, posing additional challenges to their operations.

The Solution: In response to these challenges, the restaurant management decided to install the Odour and Grease Removal system after being impressed by a demonstration at a nearby restaurant, the client swiftly decided to invest in the OGR system.

The Outcome: The OGR system proved to be a resounding success, eliminating 100% of cooking-related odours and reducing the need for manual cleaning. Delighted with the performance of the OGR system after just four months, the client expressed full satisfaction and readiness to endorse the product to prospective customers, highlighting its effectiveness in resolving their significant operational challenges.

Dirty Cooker Hood before OGR
Kitchen Cooker Hood Spotless with OGR Installed
KFC Logo - Customer for OGR
Odour & Grease Removal

The Problem: In 2023, KFC's Colombia store grappled with severe odour issues stemming from grease and oil accumulation. Threatened by potential legal action, KFC sought a solution.

The Solution: Our advanced Odour and Grease Removal system was installed in the kitchen hoods. Over three months, the system showcased its efficacy, reducing grease, oil, and odours by over 95%.

The Outcome: The community's perception shifted positively as complaints dwindled, and legal threats dissipated. This intervention salvaged KFC's reputation and fostered a harmonious coexistence between the restaurant and its neighbours, free from previous concerns.

Dirty cooker hood without OGR installed
Odour and Grease Removal Product Installed in Commercial Kitchen Cooker Hood
Regal Hotels
Regal Hotels Customer of OGR
Odour & Grease Removal

The Problem: A deluxe 4-star hotel located in Sha Tin with over 1000 rooms and 8 restaurants had oil fume and odour problems attributed to high amounts of grease and oil buildup.

The Solution: The existing hydrovent was inefficient, required frequent cleaning and consumed high amounts of oil dispersant. The OGR® system was installed to combat this.

The Outcome: Oil and Grease deposits were reduced by over 90%, resulting in reduced odour and a safer, more pleasant working environment.

Kitchen hood covered in grease and grime before OGR is installed
OGR being installed in hood, before baffles put back in

How Does it Work?

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Technology you can Trust

Powered by our advanced Photoplasma™ technology, our solution features lamps strategically placed underneath the baffle of the hood. Photoplasma™ not only treats the hoods but also travels with the airflow up through the exhaust duct, continuously cleaning and refreshing the entire system. As a result, all particles, biofilm, and deposits are converted into harmless by-products, leaving your kitchen hood and exhaust system pristine, odour-free and free from contaminants.

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