Odour & Grease Removal

Automated and Chemical-free Kitchen Hood and Duct Cleaning

A safe solution for oil, odour, and grease removal in commercial foodservice environments

Kitchen extractor fan with UV lights inside.
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Odour & Grease Removal

About OGR

Never clean hoods again

Automate – Removal of Oil and Grease from Kitchen Hoods and Ducts

Control – Fire Hazards and Odour

  • Automates cleaning
  • Removes fire hazards due to grease and oil buildup
  • Removes odour from exhaust air
  • Chemical-free cleaning solution
  • Works with every kitchen hood and duct
  • Reduces cleaning time
By the Numbers
  • 30000 – Fires a year caused by non-residential cooking in the U.S*
  • 110% – Yearly increase in # of non-residential cooking fires*
  • 65% – of fires specifically related to kitchen hoods*
  • 95% – Typical reduction in grease and oil by using the OGR system (Source: Reported by SGS validation of OGR)

*Source: The Federal Emergency Management Agency

Cleaning a cooker extractor
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BSG OGR Features

A Powerful Technology Ingredient

The latest technology saves your customers’ maintenance costs and reduces the time they will spend on manual cleaning.

OGR reduces the risk of dangerous fire hazards, kitchen odours, and cooking emissions.

New construction and upgrades to existing cooking facilities can benefit from including OGR.

The OGR solution amplifies the working efficiency and lifetime of any hood and ventilation system, and is the perfect complementary technology to kitchen hood baffles.

Take action and protect your kitchen!
Understanding OGR

How does OGR work

A Solution for Every Kitchen Hood

Large particles of grease and oil rising from the grill can be effectively captured and stopped by the baffles in the kitchen hood.

Small particles, however, are borne upward by the flow of the exhaust air stream, past the baffles.

The OGR solution oxidises grease and oil particles which are too small to be captured effectively by baffles, turning dangerous, flammable material into small amounts of low-combustion ash, easily wiped off at the end of the day.

The OGR system immediately reduces airborne pollutants, grease, kitchen oils, and other chemicals by up to 95%, reducing the burden on ventilation systems and lowering the risk of dangerous kitchen fires.

Agencies such as the United States EPA, FDA, and ASHRAE approve ultraviolet technologies like OGR for industrial and commercial applications providing disinfection and sanitation.

The OGR system is made up of components which can be customised for any kitchen hood and duct combination.

It is available as a standard system and also as an OEM solution.

Designed for simplicity, several of the system components are serviceable by the end user. This includes replacement of the ultraviolet bulbs themselves, available from BSG.

Baffles and UV: Complementary Technologies

Kitchen hood baffles (a type of mechanical air filtration) and the OGR solution (the leading ultraviolet light system) can be used together to capture a majority of airborne grease and oil.

When used alone, baffles are effective at capturing large particles of grease and oil, but less effective at capturing smaller airborne particles.

The OGR solution can reduce the amount of grease and oil particles which pass the kitchen hood baffle by 95%.

Where to use OGR

Get the most out of OGR

To get the best out of Biozone Scientific’s OGR it’s important to ensure the environment is suitable. Here are a few to which OGR will make the biggest difference.




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