Clean Surfaces

Automated Cleaning and Equipment Protection

Chemical-free surface cleaning solutions for ice machines, HVAC units, kitchen cooker hoods and more!


ICEZONE is expertly designed to clean and maintain all types of ice machines. Say goodbye to costly manual cleaning, disturbing unit downtime and excessive wasted water. Say hello to a pristine ice machine that delivers crystal clear ice every time.

  • Prevents the wasted water associated with manual cleaning
  • Prevents the formation of slime, mould, and yeast
  • Controls bacteria in hard-to-reach areas that are difficult to clean
  • Works with every type of commercial ice machine


OIL & GREASE REMOVAL is an automated solution designed to reduce build-up in kitchen cooker hoods. It is perfect for busy commercial kitchens, reducing cleaning time and unit downtime. The OIL & GREASE REMOVAL solution is designed to reduce fire hazards and odours.

  • Automates cleaning
  • Removes fire hazards due to grease and oil buildup
  • Removes odour from exhaust air
  • Chemical-free cleaning solution
  • Works with every kitchen hood and duct
  • Reduces cleaning time


The ultimate solution for maintaining HVAC coils, in turn reducing the amount of energy needed to power your unit. Reduce your energy costs today!

  • Prevents energy wastage, saves money and the planet
  • 0% Bleach | 0% Solvents | 0% Surfactants
  • Lengthens the lifespan of units
  • Highlights your companies green initiative


AIRSTREAM DISINFECTION is another solution for HVAC units, designed to fit within the main body of the unit to treat all air that circulates through the building. AIRSTREAM DISINFECTION ensures that the air is fresh, free from particles, bacteria and micro-organisms. Perfectly clean air, every time.

  • Installed in the plenum or main body of ductwork, downstream of the air blower
  • Fits seamlessly into all AHU and HVAC systems
  • Delivers perfectly clean air to all areas of a building
  • Improves IAQ and reduces airborne bacteria
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