Tailor your Environment to your Needs

Introducing PURIZONE, the pinnacle of customizable environmental management for any space. With its array of fan speeds and output settings, PURIZONE offers unparalleled adaptability, particularly effective when combating stubborn odors. This versatile air purification device not only cleans but also revitalizes the air, effectively transforming any environment into a fresh and inviting space.

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Your Environment, Your Way

The PR AIR PURIFIER is the ultimate choice for spaces requiring variable odour control. Featuring 3 adjustable fan speeds and runtime options, it tailors its Photoplasma™ output to suit customer needs. It is completely remote controlled and lightweight, which enhances its portability.

  • Advanced Odour Removal: Rapidly reduces odours wherever the unit is placed.
  • Control your Environment: Fully programmable unit with a remote, maintaining your environment is easy.
  • Discreet Operation: It’s low noise levels makes it perfect for any environment from your home to your office.
  • Reduce Allergens: Helps to remove airborne particles.
BSG PR product image showing how the unit works.

How Does It Work?

The PR AIR PURIFIER harnesses the power of Photoplasma to clean and refresh any indoor space. Like other BSG products, it utilises a high-performance fan to draw air into the activation chamber.

What distinguishes the PR AIR PURIFIER is its unique capability to customize its output to suit the specific requirements of the space. Whether faced with lingering odors or other contaminants, it can be precisely programmed to swiftly and efficiently address them, ensuring a consistently fresh and clean atmosphere.


Control Any Environment

The PR AIR PURIFIER stands out as a versatile solution for various occupied settings, providing not only odour removal but also creating healthier, hygienic spaces. It’s applications include healthcare facilities, residential homes and educational environments.


Care Homes

Healthcare Facilities


Treatment Rooms

Personal Use


Changing rooms

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Bad air is sucked into the unit (black dots represent micro-organisms, bacteria, etc)

Bad air is treated with UV lamps which generates Photoplasma

Good air out - Photoplasma continues to spread through environment