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Introducing the MOBIZONE unit, your ultimate on-the-go odour elimination companion. Compact and portable, it's crafted to tackle odours in various settings like cars, mobile homes, hotel rooms, student accommodations, and beyond. Experience effortless access to fresh, pure air wherever you roam.

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Portable Cleaning Companion

MOBIZONE revolutionizes travel, effortlessly combating odours and enhancing air quality. With its versatile 12V adaptor and USB compatibility, it seamlessly integrates into various vehicles and can be used on the go, making it perfect for long-distance coaches, mobile homes, camper vans, and emergency vehicles. Beyond transportation, it’s your portable solution for a clean and hygienic atmosphere, whether in hotel rooms or around the home.

  • Advanced Odour Reduction: Improved air quality enhances wellbeing wherever you are.
  • Plug and Play: Convenient operation with multiple power adapters.
  • Space Saving Design: Small and compact, can be used in gym bags, cupboards and other small spaces.
  • Earns Positive Reviews: For taxi, coach and ride share companies.
  • Personal Portable Device: Take a clean environment with you wherever you go.
Portable, powerful, and certified

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Versatile Applications

The MOBIZONE is a lightweight, portable unit designed to reduce odours and improve air quality wherever you are. With it’s 12V and USB adaptor it’s perfect for tackling stubborn odours in long-haul coaches and camper vans, or on-the-go in hotel rooms or rented accommodation.


Recreational Vehicles


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Bad air is sucked into the unit (black dots represent micro-organisms, bacteria, etc)

Bad air is treated with UV lamps which generates Photoplasma

Good air out - Photoplasma continues to spread through environment