Breathe in the pure essence of cleanliness with AIRSTREAM DISINFECTION, an innovative solution crafted to infuse your HVAC system with a revitalizing touch. Delight in the sensation of refreshed air as it effortlessly eradicates bacteria, viruses, and pathogens, transforming your indoor spaces into havens of pristine hygiene. Harnessing the power of our cutting-edge UV-Calc technology, achieving precise disinfection rates is seamless, allowing for customizable scalability tailored to your specific needs.

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Coilcare® Airstream Disinfection

Automated and Hygienic

Improving Energy Efficiency

COILCARE® AIRSTREAM DISINFECTION is the ultimate solution for creating pristine indoor environments. Designed to cleanse and refresh ventilation air, it purifies air streams with up to 99.9% efficiency, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and safety for occupants. AIRSTREAM DISINFECTION boosts public and employee confidence and enhances energy efficiency by automating cooling coil disinfection. Experience ultimate protection and peace of mind with AIRSTREAM DISINFECTION, setting a new standard in indoor air quality management.

Key Benefits

Superior Air Quality: Enhances indoor air quality by effectively eliminating airborne bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens.

Hygienic Indoor Spaces: Contributes to creating safer and more hygienic indoor environments, instilling confidence among occupants and fostering a healthier atmosphere for work, leisure, and daily activities.

Efficient HVAC Operation: By optimizing thermal efficiency, AIRSTREAM DISINFECTION enhances energy efficiency, resulting in cost savings and sustainable operation.

Peace of Mind: Facility managers can have peace of mind knowing that their indoor spaces are consistently maintained at the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, promoting overall well-being and satisfaction among occupants.


Global Success Stories

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The Problem: Global cruise operator Carnival Cruise Line were seeking a solution to combat the transmission of viruses and bacteria within their cruise ships to protect staff and customers.

The Solution: Carnival chose COILCARE® AIRSTREAM DISINFECTION for it's strong cleaning and disinfection capabilities, along with the secondary benefit of cleaning cooling coils - reducing HVAC maintenance.

The Outcome: The solution was extremely effective in reducing viruses adn bacteria spread by recirculated HVAC air, as well as improving Delta T, enhancing HVAC performance and energy efficiency. Carnival Cruise Line continued to implement the AIRSTREAM DISINFECTION solution throughout their most popular cruiseliners.

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How does it work?

COILCARE® AIRSTREAM DISINFECTION features a series of high-output UV lamps strategically placed within the HVAC unit so that recirculated HVAC air is exposed to the UV light for the longest possible period of time – ensuring maximum levels of disinfection and cleaning.

Using our proprietary UV-Calc technology, we can tailor our product to deliver targeted disinfection rates. The solution is designed to enhance indoor air quality and contribute to creating safer, more hygienic indoor environments by eliminating airborne bacteria, viruses and pathogens.

COILCARE® AIRSTREAM DISINFECTION streamlines HVAC operation by automating coil cleaning as a secondary benefit depending on the placement of the lamps. This reduces strain on the system, enhancing energy efficiency, and also purifies the air passing through the lamps.


Versatile Applications

AIRSTREAM DISINFECTION is the ultimate solution for any building or facility equipped with an HVAC system. Say goodbye to poor indoor air quality and contaminated recirculated air.


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