The importance of cleanliness in hotel housekeeping

A research conducted by P&G Professional finds that 78% of hotel guests prioritize cleanliness in their choice of accommodation, and around 65% shared that a smelly room is one of the reasons guests might leave.

Lingering smells can significantly impact a hotel guest’s experience, damage perceptions, and ultimately reduce profits. That’s why every hotelier should consider a more efficient strategy to control and eliminate bad odours. How can you eliminate unwanted smells rather than just masking them with sprays?

Biozone Scientific’s Powerzone works with Photoplasma™ technology to swiftly eliminate persistent odours such as smoke and deeply clean rooms, ensuring rapid turnover. Photoplasma™ is our chemical-free solution that goes beyond conventional cleaning methods actively breaking down the structure of contaminants, consequently eliminating odours from the source. Better cleaning sessions mean less labour, fewer cleaning supplies, and a smaller environmental footprint.

Elevate your housekeeping game with Powerzone! Simply plug it in, step out, and return to a germ and odour-free space. Say goodbye to temporary fixes with chemical sprays and embrace a lasting solution that tackles odours at their source.

Visit POWERZONE to transform your hotel rooms cleanliness! For more information or contact us to speak with a Biozone Scientific representative.

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