How to protect your staff when they return to work

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has forced many workplaces to close their doors, but millions are starting to reopen. Workplaces that want to reopen have the difficult but necessary task of working out how to keep business moving forward whilst also keeping employees and customers safe. 

Whilst there are clear steps that business leaders can take to protect employees returning to the workplace, such as social distancing, temperature checks, and thorough hand washing with soap and water, it is the hidden Coronavirus threats that need the most attention.

Keep your HVAC systems disinfected with powerful UV technology

One of the ways in which Coronaviruses are spread is by exposure to tiny particles in the air and on surfaces. These are created when staff and customers talk, breathe, cough, or sneeze in the workplace. What’s more, the airflow of HVAC systems can move these airborne droplets around your entire office space or work environment, significantly increasing the likelihood of Coronavirus transmission.

These particles (or aerosols) can stay active for hours, so if you don’t have an effective HVAC cleaning system in place, you may be putting your staff and customers at risk.

Experts have advised flushing rooms with lots of outside air to dilute airborne concentrations of the virus, but this isn’t always the right solution for all businesses.

Many specialists are looking to ultraviolet light technology as a quick and effective way to help limit the transmission of Coronaviruses, bacteria, and mould and to protect employees as they return to work.

UV light penetrates the cell wall of viruses and shatters their DNA, effectively destroying it from the inside. This makes it an effective and reliable disinfection solution. BSG’s UV technology has been scientifically proven to destroy 99.999% of respiratory flu-type viruses in less than 0.44 seconds in air.

This powerful disinfection is perfect for use in HVAC systems, as UV lamps can destroy viruses, mould, and bacteria before they have a chance to form on the cool, moist surfaces of cooling coils and drain pans or to be circulated through the air. Our HVAC UV technology can be easily retroactively fitted to your current HVAC systems, which reduces the cost of creating safe, clean air in your enclosed spaces.

Amp up your hygiene measures for hard surfaces

It’s not just the air quality of your workspace that needs your attention. Another major way in which Coronaviruses are spread is through contact with contaminated hard surfaces, such as desks, keyboards, phones, etc.

In fact, studies have shown that Coronaviruses can survive on hard surfaces for up to 28 days.

On top of HVAC disinfection, hygiene solutions are vital for making sure any number of staff and customers are safe when you reopen your doors.

BSG’s UV-powered hygiene solutions offer effective chemical-free hygiene and odour control solutions for both offices and other enclosed personal spaces.

UV light hygiene solutions can destroy viruses and neutralize unpleasant odours, much like HVAC solutions. However, a combination of the two will ensure that both your air and hard surfaces are continually and reliably disinfected and your staff members are better protected.

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