Transforming Housekeeping Efficiency

with UV Photoplasma Technology

A prestigious five-star hotel in Hong Kong sought to elevate their guest experience by streamlining their housekeeping and cleaning processes. In collaboration with BSG, a leading provider of innovative cleaning and odour control solutions, they embarked on a project to implement UV Photoplasma technology. This case study showcases how the hotel successfully optimised their housekeeping operations, ensuring quick and efficient cleaning and odour removal from guest rooms.

Addressing the Problem

The hotel, part of a globally recognised hospitality brand, is committed to providing exceptional service and luxurious accommodations. With a total of 393 guest rooms spread across the first 25 floors of a prominent building in Hong Kong, they were determined to find a solution that would significantly enhance their housekeeping efficiency.

The hotel faced the challenge of maintaining fast treatment for their guest rooms during the housekeeping process. Traditional cleaning methods were time-consuming and didn’t meet the hotel’s standards for cleanliness and disinfection. They sought an advanced solution that would allow their housekeeping staff to perform their duties swiftly and effectively without compromising on quality.

Finding the Solution

BSG proposed the implementation of the MINI POWERZONE, a unit that uses cutting-edge Photoplasma Technology that works to tackle odours and improve indoor air quality, a challenge that is faced by housekeeping on a daily basis. This innovative solution utilises the power of UV light combined with Photoplasma Technology to dramatically reduce odors both transient and ingrained into soft surfaces like curtains, carpets, and upholstery.


The MINI POWERZONE is a powerful air purifier that rapidly cleans and disinfects an area, removing odours and bacteria from the space. It is a portable device that accelerated the cleaning and odour removal process. The MINI POWERZONE is lightweight and highly portable, designed to be carried between hotel rooms by house keepers. It also features a built-in timer to allow cleaning schedules to be effectively managed, from continuous cleaning to 10 minute increments.

Product Features
  • Completely automated and chemical-free
  • Does not use consumables, such as fragrance-dispensers or batteries
  • Maintenance free – requires simple annual UV lamp replacement
  • Simple to use, either wall mounted and connected to the mains, or manually operated and transported using the mains flex and plug supplier.
  • Resistant to vandalism
  • Highlights company image as a promoter of the Green Initiative


Internal parts of the BSG Mini Powerzone machine

Results and Analysis

Impressed by the potential of UV Photoplasma technology, the hotel promptly placed an order for 18 MINI POWERZONE units in May 2023. Upon implementation, the hotel witnessed a significant transformation in their housekeeping processes. The key outcomes achieved were:

1. Improved Efficiency: The MINI POWERZONE devices enabled housekeeping staff to clean and deodorize guest rooms at an accelerated pace. The advanced technology ensured thorough cleaning, eliminating the need for additional cleaning steps.

2. Time Savings: With the streamlined cleaning process, the hotel experienced a remarkable reduction in the time required for each guest room. This efficiency improvement allowed for a quicker turnaround between check-out and check-in, enhancing guest satisfaction and maximizing occupancy rates.

3. Enhanced Safety and Hygiene: UV Photoplasma Technology effectively eliminated harmful pathogens and bacteria, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment for both guests and staff. The hotel could confidently prioritise the health and well-being of their guests, gaining their trust and loyalty.

To Conclude…

By partnering with BSG and adopting UV Photoplasma Technology, the hotel successfully transformed their housekeeping and cleaning processes. The implementation of the MINI POWERZONE devices enabled efficient cleaning and disinfection of guest rooms, leading to improved operational efficiency and guest satisfaction. This case study highlights how innovative solutions can revolutionize traditional practices, helping hotels elevate their standards and provide exceptional experiences to their valued guests.

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