Enhancing Air Quality for an

International Private School in Hong Kong

As a leading provider of innovative indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions, BSG was presented with an opportunity to collaborate with a renowned private coeducational day school in Hong Kong near Repulse Bay. The school sought to address the challenge of unpleasant odours and subpar IAQ within their classrooms, aiming to provide a healthier living and learning environment for their multicultural staff and students. This case study highlights how BSG proposed and implemented an effective solution to meet HKIS’s requirements.

Addressing the Problem

During our initial discussions with the facility managers, we identified their primary concern of unpleasant odours in the classrooms and the need to improve IAQ by reducing total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), airborne bacteria, and formaldehyde. The school wanted to ensure a pleasant environment that would enhance the well-being, comfort, and productivity of their staff and students.

Finding the Solution

After careful analysis of the requirements and assessment of the classroom spaces, BSG proposed the application of our cutting-edge Photoplasma technology, specifically our INDUCT (ID) Series, to address the facilities IAQ concerns. The ID Series was chosen due to its remarkable capability to destroy odours, bacteria, viruses, mould, fumes, and other airborne impurities effectively. Additionally, the ID Series boasted advantages such as quiet operation, cost-effectiveness, and the elimination of consumable chemicals, filters, or scents. BSG’s team of IAQ experts worked closely with the school to determine the most suitable locations for installing the INDUCT units within the HVAC system of the Repulse Bay school, covering both the upper and lower primary classrooms. Our team ensured the proper integration of the units, enabling the efficient distribution of clean air throughout the classrooms.


The INDUCT series, designed for HVAC systems and Exhaust Emission systems, offers versatile solutions for various environments and spaces. It can be utilized as a standalone unit or combined with other INDUCTs to create customized solutions. With the flexibility to be installed in any building or unit equipped with an HVAC system, the INDUCT series provides a comprehensive and efficient approach to enhancing indoor air quality.

Eliminate up to
  • Airborne Bacteria 99.95%
  • Surface Bacteria 99.99%
  • TVOCs 95.13%
  • Formaldehyde 99.99%
  • Airborne Yeast & Mould 99.99%
  • Surface Yeast and Mould 99.97%
  • Hydrogen Sulfide 99.9%
  • Ammonia 99.00%


Results and Analysis

Following the successful installation of the INDUCT units, management witnessed significant improvements in IAQ and the creation of a more pleasant learning environment. Our comprehensive data analysis revealed within 25 days an impressive reduction in formaldehyde (HCHO) levels, indicating a substantial improvement in air quality. Additionally, the school experienced a remarkable 100% decrease in airborne bacteria, highlighting the effectiveness of BSG’s solution.

(µg / m3)
(µg / m3)
Airborne Bacteria
(cfu / m3)
Classroom One< 30< 200< 500
Classroom Two< 100< 600< 1000
During Renovation Period521,120513
After 21 Days25963119
After 25 DaysN/A124N/A

To Conclude…

Through our collaboration with the International School, BSG successfully addressed the challenge of unpleasant odours and compromised IAQ in their classrooms. Our proposed solution, leveraging the INDUCT Series, provided the school with a healthier and more conducive living and learning environment for their multicultural staff and students. The implementation of our innovative technology demonstrated its ability to eliminate airborne contaminants while maintaining cost-effectiveness, quiet operation, and sustainability by eliminating the need for consumable chemicals or filters. The success of this project highlights BSG’s commitment to prioritizing IAQ and promoting the well-being and academic success of educational institutions and their stakeholders.

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