Is your air conditioning putting your staff and customers at risk?

From office buildings to shops, air conditioning is a welcome addition to many spaces, especially on hot days. But did you know that without proper disinfection and maintenance, your air conditioning could be putting your staff and customers at risk?

Viruses (like Coronaviruses), mould, bacteria, and other particles can easily be found in the wet environments of air conditioning filters – or even be recirculated through the air.

This blog will explore how the right technology can help keep people safer as they return to work and as commercial buildings reopen.

How do air conditioning units work?

In the most simple terms, an air conditioner draws in air from a room before chilling it and then blowing it back out again.

This means that it often puts out recirculated air.

The problem with recirculated air is that it might be sucking in tiny particles of virus, bacteria, and mould that are exhaled and then can circulate these particles around the rest of the room.

Whilst you might be very diligent when it comes to cleaning all your surfaces, the air around you is often overlooked. This means that there might be active particles – or aerosols – being circulated around the room for hours.

So what can you do about it?

One easy way to solve this is to invest in disinfection technology that can kill pathogens in the air instantly.

What technology is available to help disinfect air conditioning units?

UV light is often seen as nature’s secret weapon against viruses, diseases, mould, and bacteria. This is because UV light, when used correctly, is both powerful in killing pathogens and gentle enough to not affect people.

UV light penetrates the cell wall of viruses and other particles and destroys them from the inside out, making it a quick, easy, and effective disinfection solution.

In air conditioning units, UV lamps can be fitted to filters, cooling coils, and drain pans to prevent mould, viruses, and bacteria from forming or gathering on these cool, moist surfaces. Aerosols that may be in the air are then circulated through the unit, where the UV technology destroys them.

This method is extremely effective and can eliminate the pathogens that might otherwise put your staff and customers at risk. In fact, BSG technology has been proven to destroy 99.1% of COVID material in as little as 0.25 seconds.

What are the benefits of UV technology in air conditioning?

  • Kills bacteria, viruses, mould, and germs
  • Reduces illness and allergies
  • Eliminates odours
  • Self-cleaning and easy to maintain
  • Automatic, chemical-free virus disinfection
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Lowers energy expenses
  • Produces high-quality indoor air conditions that are like pristine outdoor air environments
  • Can often be retroactively fitted to your current HVAC systems

In conclusion

UV light can be a great solution when it comes to keeping you, your staff, and your customers safe for years to come.

Aside from Coronaviruses, it is an incredibly effective tool against familiar diseases and viruses like the common cold, flu, and measles. Making your air conditioning system work for you instead of against you is a great way to increase workplace productivity and help keep the space you work in safe.

To find out more about how BSG technology can help improve your air quality, please get in touch today.

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