Unsafe Ice and Risks to Reputation and Sales from a Negative Restaurant Review

Consider this, from a March 6th CNN article on New York’s restaurant grading system: 

“A public survey by Baruch College Survey Research, that was commissioned by the Health Department, found that 88% of New Yorkers consider grades when they are choosing a restaurant and that 65% consider the grades all or most of the time.” 

88% of New Yorkers are taking into account a grading system that, the article goes to great lengths to illustrate, relies heavily on the inspectors’ interpretation of the grading system and less on actual health risks.

Despite the fact the grading system needs reform, it doesn’t stop public opinion from being swayed by a simple grading card stuck in a window.

And that really isn’t surprising. It can take a restaurant decades to build a reputation that can be completely ruined by one isolated incident, or even just the rumor of health code infraction.

On the list of things that can devastate a restaurant,  an ice machine infraction ranks fairly high. Consumers are, understandably, concerned with their water, and ice, quality.

With growing media attention on the dangers of unsafe ice, for many consumers, even the rumor that a restaurants ice machine might not be up to code can cause them to choose another site for dinner.

This can be especially damaging in larger cities and towns where dining options are varied, numerous, and easy to come by. With so many options available, the risk to reputation and sales from negative reviews is high.

An automated ice machine sanitation system can help protect restaurant owners from these risks, however, because it reduces the number of manual cleanings by up to 75% while eliminating contamination.

In fact, ICEZONE, BSG’s automated solution, eliminates over 99% of surface micro-contamination. Which is why SUBWAY’s largest franchisee, the Rottinghaus Company, turned to ICEZONE to cut costs and improve their ice machine sanitation.

You can download the free case study and learn more about the Rottinghaus Company’s IceZone installation in all of their stores and the millions they saved as a result.

Download the case study here: IceZone Saves Restaurant Operator Millions on Ice Machine Cleaning.

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