Powering Efficiency, Preserving Energy

Introducing COILCARE® ENERGY – your premier solution for effectively cleaning, disinfecting, and maintaining HVAC cooling coils. By eradicating bio-film, buildup, and particulate matter, our system alleviates strain on your HVAC system, leading to reduced energy consumption. This not only translates to savings on your energy bills but also minimizes the necessity for expensive manual maintenance. Experience decreased downtime, conserve resources such as water and chemicals, and save money with COILCARE® ENERGY.

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Automated and Hygienic

Improving Energy Efficiency

Unleash the power of efficiency with COILCARE® ENERGY. Placed strategically in front of cooling coils, it automates the cleaning process, reducing biofilm and making your AHU more energy-efficient. Experience peak performance and lower energy costs. COILCARE® ENERGY is less expensive and more effective than manual cleaning, not to mention it eliminates machine downtime!

Key Benefits
  • Achieve up to 24% reduction in energy consumption by ensuring the system works at optimal levels.
  • Reduced maintenance and increased lifespan for fans, pumps, and cooling systems.
  • Automatic, continuous cleaning of cooling coils.
  • Optimise HVAC performance and improve lifespan.
  • Less expensive and more effective than regular manual cleaning.
  • Removes the need for harmful chemicals and excessive wasted water.

Global Success Stories

Wafi Mall
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The Problem: Wafi Mall in Dubai faced challenges with its cooling system's efficiency, resulting in high chiller energy consumption and maintenance costs. The cooling coils were inefficient, leading to suboptimal heat transfer and increased strain on the entire system. Seeking to reduce energy usage and improve overall performance, Wafi Mall sought an innovative solution.

The Solution: Wafi Mall chose COILCARE® ENERGY, a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance the heat transfer coefficient (U value) of cooling coils. By implementing COILCARE® ENERGY, Wafi Mall aimed to significantly reduce chiller load and energy consumption.

The Outcome: The cooling system's performance improved substantially, evidenced by increased coil thermal efficiency (U value) and a higher chilled water temperature differential (∆T). This translated into significant energy savings of over 50%, along with reduced maintenance time and costs. Moreover, the enhanced cooling coil hygiene contributed to improved health and wellbeing for occupants. With a return on investment achieved in just 0.6 years, COILCARE® ENERGY proved to be a cost-effective and sustainable solution for Wafi Mall, ensuring continued efficiency and savings for the lifetime of the building.

Raffles City
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The Problem: Singapore's hot, humid climate strains HVAC systems, leading to high energy consumption and environmental impact. Luxury venues face pressure to improve guest experiences while reducing costs and emissions.

The Solution: Raffles City chose COILCARE® ENERGY, a UV radiation solution that prevents biofilm growth on cooling coils. This precise technology improves HVAC efficiency in challenging climates.

The Outcome: COILCARE® ENERGY increased coil thermal efficiency by 53.5%, resulting in significant energy savings and reduced AHU fan speeds. The solution extended AHU life, improved heat transfer, and cut maintenance costs, proving its effectiveness in enhancing HVAC performance sustainably.

New Street Square

The Problem: New Street Square, a commercial high-rise office building in London, sought to optimize the performance of its HVAC system. Facing challenges with manual cleaning and high energy consumption, they aimed to find a solution that would automate cleaning processes, save time, and reduce energy costs.

The Solution: Turning to COILCARE®, New Street Square implemented an innovative solution to enhance their HVAC system's efficiency. By automating cleaning processes and improving the thermal efficiency of cooling coils, COILCARE promised significant energy savings and reduced maintenance efforts.

The Outcome: The results were impressive. Over the course of a year, the thermal efficiency of the cooling coils increased significantly, resulting in a remarkable 53.5% improvement in the coil's U value. This improvement translated into substantial energy savings, with a significant reduction in chilled water usage. Moreover, the system's performance enhancements led to reduced maintenance time and costs, along with improved cooling coil hygiene and overall occupant wellbeing.


How does it work?

COILCARE® ENERGY features a series of high-output UV lamps strategically placed within the HVAC unit, specifically downstream of the cooling coils. This placement ensures optimal exposure for effective cleaning and disinfection.

The primary purpose of COILCARE® ENERGY is to meticulously clean and disinfect the cooling coils, eliminating existing biofilm and inhibiting the formation of new deposits. This proactive approach helps maintain optimal system performance.

COILCARE® ENERGY streamlines HVAC operation by automating coil cleaning. This reduces strain on the system, enhancing energy efficiency, and also purifies the air passing through the lamps.

Enjoy significant savings with COILCARE® ENERGY, cutting HVAC energy costs by up to 30%. Plus, it eliminates the need for manual coil cleaning, saving time and resources.


Versatile Applications

COILCARE® ENERGY is the ultimate solution for any building or facility equipped with an HVAC system. Say goodbye to the hassle of costly manual cleaning and bid farewell to skyrocketing energy bills caused by overworked HVAC systems.

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