Improves energy efficiency by up to 24%

All of the benefits of COILCARE in a handy box

  • Simple to install and even easier to maintain.
  • Everything you need to get up and running is provided.
  • Safe for residential and commercial properties.
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Automated and Hygienic

Improving Energy Efficiency

The COILCARE ENERGY KIT provides automated, chemical–free cleaning and disinfection of the cooling coil surfaces. COILCARE ENERGY are pre-sized, accessible kits designed to maintain HVAC systems for commercial and residential customers, and to improve energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

The automated maintenance system can save up to 24% on energy costs and reduces the need for manual maintenance, such as coil cleaning.

It also provides chemical-free cleaning and disinfecting of cooling coils and drain pans, reducing bacteria and germs whilst improving indoor air quality.

The system follows ASHRAE recommendations for HVAC coil surface disinfection and helps prevent the accumulation of biofilm.

The Cost of Dirty Coils

Dirty HVAC coils waste an estimated 24% additional energy
Up to 75% of IAQ air issues are related to HVAC
6 out of 10 indoor spaces can be hazardous to health due to air pollution

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Our COILCARE ENERGY kits are an integral part of our ESG story. COILCARE ENERGY prevents energy wastage by ensuring cooling coils are continuously clean whilst simultaneously lengthening the units lifespan. Additionally, our products eliminate the need for the use of harsh chemicals and excessive water associated with manually cleaning cooling coils, ensuring that workplaces are kept pure and pathogen free.

COILCARE ENERGY kits not only provide a return on investment, but also a return for the environment which is critical to BSG’s sustainability goals.

The Benefits

Prevents energy wastage, saves money and the planet

0% Bleach | 0% Solvents | 0% Surfactants

Lengthens the lifespan of units

Highlights your companies green initiative


Key Features

As the picture illustrates, our chemical-free cleaning solution disinfects cooling coils to prevent the accumulation of biofilm and other micro-contaminants.

There are other benefits:

  • Improving Delta T
  • Improving heat transfer
  • Reducing pressure drop
  • Reducing the maintenance of your coils

Learn more about COILCARE ENERGY below

Understanding CCX ENERGY

How does CCX ENERGY work

COILCARE ENERGY uses specific frequencies of ultraviolet light to irradiate HVAC evaporator coils, providing a chemical-free and effective way to prevent the accumulation of microbial bacteria and fungi.

The result is a clean and efficient coil that operates at its designed level, leading to improved indoor air quality and cost savings in maintenance and energy.

Experience the benefits of a hygienic and efficient HVAC system with COILCARE ENERGY recommended by ASHRAE for HVAC coil surface disinfection

A Powerful Technology Ingredient

explanation of how uv light spectrum destroys bacteria and viruses to keep coils clean and improve HVAC energy efficiency.

What’s in the box?

Simple to install and even easier to maintain.

Designed to be mounted downstream or upstream of cooling coils and air filters, COILCARE ENERGY is a stationary installation, providing high operational stability.

Everything you need to get up and running is provided.

Includes UV lamp, power supply, lamp connector, sight glass and all other equipment necessary for installation. The power supply is water-resistant, built to operate in a commercial-grade HVAC enclosure.

Safe for residential and commercial properties.

All systems can be designed with multiple commercial-grade or residential-grade human factor safety features, including an interlock switch which prevents the system from operating while the access door is open.

Customisable to any HVAC system.

The quantity and positioning of the UV lamp modules are specific to every installation, and is determined by the dimensions of the coils and other HVAC system design specifications.


Get the most out of COILCARE ENERGY

For optimal results from COILCARE ENERGY, it is crucial to create a suitable environment. Here are a few areas where COILCARE ENERGY will have the greatest impact.

Office Buildings

Shopping Centres






HVAC Energy Savings


How can I improve my HVAC energy efficiency?

By installing the COILCARE ENERGY, you can prevent the long-term accumulation of debris in the cooling coils, drain pans and ventilation ductwork.

What comes in an energy efficiency kit?

The kit includes a UV Lamp, a lamp connector, a power supply with 6ft (1.8m) cabling, a sight glass, black nylon zip ties, mounting screws, door interlock switch, contact plates, lamp clip pack, magnets and standoff support brackets.

How is energy efficiency for HVAC calculated?

To determine the energy efficiency of an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system, you can use the EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. The EER rating for an air conditioner is determined by dividing the BTU (British Thermal Units) rating by the wattage used to power the system.