Join BSG in the Fight for a Cleaner, Greener Future

It’s July, so that means it’s time to try going plastic free! To mark this month, we are proud to announce our products now come in plastic free packaging, and that’s just a small step in our vision for a healthier, greener, cleaner future.

At BSG, we understand that pollution and climate change pose immense challenges that require collective action. That’s why we’ve embarked on a transformative journey to address these pressing issues and create solutions that promote a healthier planet and better well-being for all.

Our Manifesto for Change outlines our commitment to sustainability, collaboration, and innovation. With a focus on water, air, sanitation, and hygiene, we harness the power of UV hygiene technology to revolutionize various sectors, from residential and commercial spaces to transportation and healthcare facilities. By utilizing light, not harmful chemicals, we create cleaner air, purer water, and safer environments while conserving precious resources.

Sustainability is at the core of our DNA. We continually strive for circularity in our business ecosystem, removing plastics from our packaging and pursuing continuous improvement. Collaboration is our guiding principle, as we believe that working together with partners, supply chains, and customers accelerates our drive for change and amplifies our impact.

Our Manifesto sets ambitious goals, including achieving net-zero carbon emissions across our own operations by 2030, building sustainable products with extended lifespans, and equipping our partners with tools to minimize energy consumption and emissions. We embrace simpler upcycling and recycling practices for end-of-life products and commit to using light, specifically UV, in controlled doses to ensure cleanliness without chemicals or wasted water.

Energy efficiency is paramount. By employing UV hygiene technology, we eliminate biofilms that reduce heat transfer and strain HVAC systems, resulting in significant energy and carbon savings. Through renewable energy adoption and the optimization of heating, cooling, and food hygiene systems, we pave the way towards a Net Zero future.

Our commitment to better products for a better world is unwavering. We aim for exceptional performance, longevity, and recyclability, delivering a triple win for people, profit, and the planet. By breaking the world’s dependence on harsh chemicals and high energy consumption, we contribute to a safer, healthier environment and create new opportunities for growth and employment.

Join us on this transformative journey. Together, we can make a meaningful impact, create a ripple effect of positive change, and fuel a movement for a cleaner, safer world.

BSG Group has a range of products designed to eliminate harmful chemicals, pollutants, viruses and more, for homes and businesses across the globe. BSG products are specifically designed for air conditioning systems, the foodservice industry, and general hygiene for domestic and commercial purposes. Some of the bestselling solutions include:

  • CCX ENERGY Ultimate solution for cleaning cooling coils on HVAC units, keeping the units performing at optimum efficiency whilst reducing energy consumption.
  • ICEZONE Easy, automatic ice machine disinfection solution which reduces the need for manual cleaning and in turn reduces wasted water.

For more information, contact us or take a look at our product range.

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