Is Your Ice Machine NSF Compliant?

What is NSF Certified Product compliance in relation to field modifications of Ice Machines?

NSF International Certification Policies for Food Equipment, Section PP-34 says that components of a Certified Product may be replaced with identical components as provided by the manufacturer of the Certified Product. A field modification of a Listed Product may be permitted provided that:

  • The field modification is Certified and compatible with the originally Certified Product. (Compatible means that it does not adversely affect the design, materials, sanitary construction, or performance of the Certified Product);
  • Written instructions for proper installation and operation of the field modification are provided; and
  • The Certified field modification is used only on Certified Products as specified in the Official Listing.

What voids the NSF compliance of an ice machine?

Based on this, if a manufacturer has NSF Certified products, and wishes to apply a field modification or retrofit to the unit, the NSF Certification of the parent unit is void unless the modification has been NSF Certified. NSF would only have the capacity to certify a field modification or retrofit when all equipment involved was originally certified by NSF International.

Why does it matter?

Installation of a non-NSF certified component on an NSF-certified parent device (e.g., any ice machine) voids the NSF certification of the parent device. Third party certification of food equipment, such as NSF certification, is required in the health code. This opens up a lot of risk for restaurant chains and other ice machine operators because they can be cited and fined by health inspectors for using non-certified food equipment. Furthermore, installing non-certified components can void the equipment warranty and can open up unwanted liability issues.

Is IceZone NSF Compliant if installed on an ice machine?

Yes. IceZone is an NSF compliant product and is certified for retrofit installation on most ice machines. Your ice machine NSF compliance remains in intact when you add the IceZone ice machine sanitizer. IceZone is the only ice machine sanitation system on the market that is certified by NSF (click here to see IceZone’s NSF certification).

About BSG Inc.

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IceZone is the best-selling ice machine sanitation system in the world, with tens of thousands of installations in leading restaurant chains. IceZone is a past recipient of the prestigious Kitchen Innovations award from the National Restaurant Association which recognizes cutting edge advancements in the food service industry.

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