IceZone and Ice Machine OEM Warranty

There are 4 main ice machine manufacturers in North America: Manitowoc, Hoshizaki, Scotsman, and Ice-O-Matic.  

IceZone is approved for use on all ice machines and does not in any way void or change the ice machine’s warranty.

Manitowoc sells the Luminice, which we manufacture for them. Obviously, Manitowoc does not have issues with ozone/UV, because they are selling such a device.

Hoshizaki recommends IceZone for slime-related issues (although they do not offer IceZone factory options). They provide customers and BSG with a statement that IceZone doesn’t void the Hoshizaki warranty. 

One other area of concern about ozone and ice is the perception that ozone in the water changes the smell or taste of the ice produced.  

IceZone has nothing to do with the water coming into the ice machine and therefore does not in any way create an ‘ozone’ smell or taste in the ice.  

The method by which IceZone treats ice machines (UV housed in a reaction chamber, away from exposure to ice machine materials) is completely safe for the ice and for the ice machine materials. 

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