How BSG Protects People From Viruses Globally

BSG offers hygiene solutions to people all over the world. Founded in 1996, the team has worked hard to find natural, chemical-free, UV alternatives for successful air purification. Since then, BSG has grown exponentially, with headquarters in Orlando, Florida, and offices in five countries across three continents.

Our experts are committed to providing solutions, science, and support, with revolutionary products for HVAC, Food Service, and Hygiene. Our technological solutions don’t just battle viruses but other pollutants invading the air.

Our mission is to protect people from viruses worldwide, and we have proven to be successful given our reputable status. Our hygiene solutions have already made a significant impact on commercial, industrial, and residential environments, used by millions to disinfect the air, and improve the quality of life, and we strive to keep growing. 

The BSG Story

Based in Orlando, Florida, we are a scientific company committed to improving the quality of air and life for people across the globe. Over the past 25 years, quick successes and growth unveiled the deep need for our technological solutions, showing a clear gap in the market waiting to be filled. So, by 2004, our core solutions and products were in place and recognized as beneficial to many companies dealing with commercial HVAC, food service, and hygiene and odour control. We soon developed strong connections with the international market and built valued relationships with distribution partners. If you would like to partner with BSG, please get in touch.

Our Mission

Our ongoing goal is to ensure businesses are kept clean, safe, and enjoyable. We also aim to continue to spread the word of how vital it is to keep home and working environments clean. Our products are built to protect people from air pollutants and viruses, as well as preventative maintenance methods to maximize their safety – particularly for staff who work in polluted and/or hazardous environments.

BSG Technology & Products

We design and manufacture UV light applications, disinfectants, odour control, sanitation, and preventative maintenance using nature’s most powerful and effective disinfectants: UV light, photo-plasma, and negatively charged ions. These natural methods eliminate viruses, bacteria, mould, and more. Our innovative products include HVAC systems, oil removal and ice machine disinfection for the Food Service, and odour control for commercial businesses and buildings. We are proud to say our solutions are chemical-free and meet the needs of a greener, healthier world.

How We Protect You

We have integrated our hygiene defense systems into businesses worldwide, including train stations, airports (Heathrow Airport, UK), gyms, offices, and commercial kitchens. Our products are suitable for multiple industries that require improved air quality, reduced maintenance, and a cleaner and safer environment. We have played a key role in protecting people worldwide, including from viruses like Avian Flu and Coronavirus.  

To find out more about BSG, our products, and how we could benefit you and your business, please contact us.

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