Dangerous Bacteria Found in Another Leading Fast Food Restaurant

Ice machines in restaurants are commonly found to be contaminated. Despite the unwanted attention brought on by a series of investigative reports revealing the dangers of unhygienic ice machines, restaurant operators many times are not aware of what sanitation options exist to take care of the problem. Most options are either too time-consuming or cost prohibitive. Contaminated ice has been proven to cause illness, and in extreme cases, even death. One global foodservice equipment manufacturer with offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia has the leading solution to deal with the unwanted problem of dirty ice machines once and for all.

Following on from the BBC News coverage of Faecal Coliform contamination in ice served at a leading UK fast food chain, the BBC’s episode of Rip Off Britain further highlights the widespread challenges all restaurants and food vendors face when trying to keep the ice served in popular drinks, safe to consume.

A BSG spokesman commented ‘The finding of dangerous bacteria in ice served at another leading fast food chain, is just the latest instance of ice contamination in drinks served in restaurants from places as far apart as the USA and China. The fact that it is in the UK has perhaps surprised many people. The reality is, that no matter how hard these reputable restaurants try to keep their ice machines clean, they remain a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria and mould.’

‘This was the key reason that BSG developed ICEZONE, a chemical free, easy to install system that uses the power of Ultraviolet light to keep Ice Machines clean 24-7. This technology has been established in the USA for several years, and the irony is that successful trials of the technology in the UK are just being concluded with several well known UK restaurant brands. It is BSG’s belief that with ICEZONE in widespread use in the UK and Europe in future; sickness and illness from contaminated ice will be a thing of the past.’

With thousands of successful installations worldwide, for more information on BSG’s award winning ICEZONE ‘clean in place’ system, please contact: [email protected]

More information available on BSG can be found at: www.biozonescientific.com

More information available on ICEZONE can be found at: ICEZONE – BSG UV (biozonescientific.com)

About BSG Ltd.

BSG Scientific, based in the UK, and is a privately-held global manufacturing leader in UV technologies, with sales offices in the Florida, Hong Kong, China, and partners around the globe.

ICEZONE is the best-selling ice machine sanitation system in the world, with tens of thousands of installations in leading restaurant chains. ICEZONE is a past recipient of the prestigious Kitchen Innovations award from the National Restaurant Association which recognizes cutting edge advancements in the food service industry.

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