Commercial Kitchen Odour Removal

Commercial kitchen odour removal may not seem like a serious issue, but the reality of the situation is that kitchen odours can be a symptom of serious problems.

In commercial kitchens, the buildup of grease in kitchen hoods and ventilation systems can cause unpleasant  odours, but more seriously built up grease presents a fire hazard in exhaust systems.

Grease build up is an issue that commercial kitchens face every day. Cleaning exhaust systems, hoods, and flues is time-consuming and tedious but neglecting cleaning can lead to maintenance calls, premature equipment breakdown, and fire.

BSG’s OGR system is a clean-in-place solution for commercial kitchens that helps simplify the process.

OGR utilizes UV oxidation to break down grease build up and odours in kitchen hoods and ventilation exhaust systems. A UV lamp solution for commercial kitchen hoods, OGR can effectively remove grease, smoke and food odours that commonly plague ventilation systems.

Our OGR system is an excellent solution for commercial kitchen odour removal.  OGR not only reduces food odour emissions but also reduces the number of manual cleanings that kitchen hood and ventilation systems require.

A clean-in-place solution, OGR is automated and requires no water or cleaning chemicals while running simultaneously with the exhaust system.

Contact BSG to learn more about our commercial kitchen odour control and grease buildup prevention solutions.

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