Enhancing Restaurant Quality and

Cleanliness with BSG ICEZONE

In the pursuit of unparalleled cleanliness and uncompromising quality, a renowned restaurant chain in Rio Bayamón, Puerto Rico, partnered with BSG to install our revolutionary ICEZONE system. This case study delves into the collaborative journey between the restaurant chain and BSG, highlighting the exceptional results achieved in maintaining a pristine ice machine, eradicating mould growth, eliminating odours, and optimising overall conditions.

The Pursuit Of Excellence

Driven by their commitment to delivering extraordinary customer experiences, the esteemed restaurant chain understood the critical importance of immaculate cleanliness. Recognising BSG as a leading provider of innovative solutions, the management team embarked on a quest to implement our cutting-edge ICEZONE system, with the goal of setting new benchmarks in hygiene standards.

With precision and expertise, BSG’s ICEZONE system was seamlessly installed at the bustling Rio Bayamón location, setting the stage for an exceptional transformation. The restaurant chain’s team, working in collaboration with BSG’s skilled technicians, ensured a smooth integration of the ICEZONE system with their existing ice machine, a Hoshizaki KM-1340MRJ model.

Subsequently, an in-depth visual inspection was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of the ICEZONE system. This assessment aimed to unveil the system’s ability to maintain an immaculate environment within the ice machine, providing valuable insights into its impact on cleanliness and overall operational excellence.

The Results

The visual inspection yielded astonishing results, underscoring the transformative power of BSG’s ICEZONE system. Notably, no traces of mould were discovered on any surface, attesting to the system’s unparalleled ability to safeguard against this common concern. The eradication of mould growth not only ensured pristine conditions but also contributed to maintaining the highest standards of food safety.

Furthermore, the inspection revealed an absence of general dirt or new mould stains, reaffirming the system’s efficacy in upholding immaculate cleanliness. The ICEZONE system proved instrumental in mitigating potential sources of contamination, reinforcing the restaurant chain’s commitment to excellence in every aspect of their operations. Additionally, ICEZONE effectively neutralised any potential sources of unwanted aromas, creating an atmosphere of freshness and enhancing the overall dining experience. This transformation left a lasting impression on both customers and staff, elevating the restaurant chain’s reputation for uncompromising quality.

A Testimony to Long Term Success

Even after 35 days of continuous operation, the ice machine remained pristine, thanks to the ICEZONE system’s remarkable capabilities. The inspection unveiled a resounding success, as no signs of mould, dirt, or odours were detected. This longevity of cleanliness showcased the system’s resilience and its ability to uphold impeccable conditions over an extended period, ensuring consistent customer satisfaction.


The collaborative journey between the renowned restaurant chain in Rio Bayamón and BSG culminated in the successful implementation of the ICEZONE system. Through its transformative impact on maintaining a pristine ice machine, eradicating mould growth, eliminating odours, and optimising overall conditions, BSG’s ICEZONE system has redefined cleanliness standards within the restaurant industry.

By embracing this cutting-edge solution, the restaurant chain demonstrates their unwavering commitment to exceptional customer experiences and sets a new benchmark for hygiene and operational excellence. The partnership between BSG and the restaurant chain represents a compelling example of leveraging innovative technology to elevate standards and foster a culture of cleanliness, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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