Improving Food Safety in Fast Food

Restaurants Using ICEZONE

In the pursuit of maintaining the highest standards of food safety, a renowned restaurant in Puerto Rico sought a reliable solution to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of its ice supply. Turning to BSG and our ICEZONE system, the restaurant aimed to leverage advanced technology to enhance their food safety protocols.

Testing and Monitoring

The ICEZONE system, designed by BSG, was seamlessly integrated into the existing ice machine at the restaurant. Following installation, a comprehensive inspection was conducted to assess the machine’s cleanliness, mould presence, odour, and overall condition. The initial inspection confirmed the presence of stubborn mould stains that had proven difficult to remove through conventional cleaning methods.

With the ICEZONE system in place, the restaurant’s staff, in collaboration with BSG, implemented a diligent monitoring process. Regular visual inspections were conducted to ensure the absence of mould and dirt accumulation within the machine. This proactive approach aimed to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and prevent any compromise to food safety.

The Results

The ICEZONE system, harnessing the power of UV and PhotoPlasma technology, operated continuously to disinfect and cleanse the ice machine. The subsequent inspections revealed remarkable results. No mould was detected in any area of the equipment, eliminating concerns that had plagued the restaurant in the past. The persistent mould stains that had previously challenged the staff were successfully eradicated.

Furthermore, the ICEZONE system effectively eliminated unpleasant odours, contributing to a more pleasant dining experience for customers. The system’s consistent operation for a period of 36 days proved its reliability and demonstrated its ability to maintain a pristine environment.


Based on the successful outcomes observed during the ICEZONE system trial, the restaurant, in collaboration with BSG, recommends the adoption of this advanced technology to enhance food safety practices. The ICEZONE system’s proven efficacy in preventing mould growth, eliminating dirt accumulation, and neutralizing odours signifies its value as a vital component in ensuring exceptional food hygiene.

Moreover, by reducing the need for manual cleaning, the ICEZONE system offers substantial water savings, promoting environmental sustainability. This aligns with the restaurant’s commitment to responsible resource management.

BSG’s ICEZONE system emerges as a trusted solution provider, offering comprehensive and reliable technology that enables food establishments to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and food safety. Through our innovative solutions, BSG continues to empower businesses in their pursuit of excellence.

The successful collaboration between BSG and the restaurant serves as a testament to the effectiveness of the ICEZONE system and reinforces the importance of leveraging advanced technology to elevate food safety practices across the industry.

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