UV Photoplasma Technology for

Data Centres: Achieving Energy Savings

Data centres play a crucial role in our increasingly digitized world, requiring efficient cooling systems to maintain optimal server performance. BSG, a leading provider of innovative solutions, offers advanced technologies to reduce maintenance and energy consumption in data centres. By utilising UV Photoplasma technology to clean air handling units (AHUs) and maintain optimal operating conditions, BSG helps data centres achieve energy savings and reduce their carbon footprint.

Challenges in Data Centre Cooling

Data centres generate a substantial amount of heat, requiring efficient cooling mechanisms to maintain server performance. Cooling coils within AHUs play a vital role in reducing temperature, but they are susceptible to biofilm growth, reducing their efficiency and increasing energy consumption. Conventional cleaning methods are often insufficient to penetrate the large surface area of cooling coils, leading to reduced thermal transfer and compromised performance.

BSG’s Solution: CCX ENERGY

BSG developed an innovative solution – CCX ENERGY – to address the challenges of biofilm growth on cooling coils. CCX ENERGY utilizes 254nm UV-C light, known as Germicidal UV, to kill and inactivate microbes, preventing biofilm formation and enhancing the coils’ efficiency. Operating 24/7, CCX ENERGY reduces downtime, eliminates the need for chemical cleaning, and extends the fan’s operating life.

Results and Benefits

1. Energy Savings: Biofilm growth on cooling coils reduces the efficiency of the thermal transfer process, leading to increased energy consumption. By continuously cleaning the coils with CCX ENERGY, BSG helps data centres save up to 24% on HVAC electricity consumption, resulting in significant energy cost reductions.

2. Improved Cooling Capacity: CCX ENERGY maintains clean coils, preserving the performance of the fan and AHU close to the manufacturer’s specifications. This ensures efficient airflow and optimal cooling capacity, reducing the risk of server overheating and associated reliability issues.

3. Reduced Carbon Footprint: By eliminating the need for cleaning detergents and reducing maintenance staff travel and expenditures, CCX ENERGY contributes to Scope 2 and 3 carbon reductions. The solution aligns with ASHRAE’s recommendation for UVGI use in HVAC systems that recirculate air.

4. Cost Savings and ESG Benefits: BSG’s CCX ENERGY offers a compelling return on investment, with potential payback within two years. Additionally, the solution reduces downtime, eliminates chemical usage, and helps organizations meet their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

Installation and Maintenance

CCX ENERGY installations are typically retrofit, requiring competent installers to fit the framework and necessary electronics. BSG provides a proprietary software tool to ensure the optimal number of lamps are installed per coil. Lamps may need replacement every 18-24 months, and BSG recommends keeping 10% additional lamps onsite for uninterrupted operation.


BSG’s UV Photoplasma technology, exemplified by CCX ENERGY, offers data centres an effective solution to combat biofilm growth on cooling coils. By maintaining clean coils, data centres can achieve energy savings, improve cooling capacity, and reduce their carbon footprint. With a potential payback within two years and a range of ESG benefits, BSG’s CCX ENERGY provides a reliable and sustainable solution for enhancing data centre efficiency and performance.

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