Biodefense: Protecting People Now & in the Future

BSG’s technological solutions have helped improve the quality of life for people all over the world. From residents to commercial businesses and industrial companies, we offer protection now and as a safeguard for the future. Our technology has been successful for several, recognized names including Heathrow Airport (UK), McDonald’s, Subway, Toyota, HSBC, The Marriott, PHS Washrooms, Walmart, Carnival Cruiselines, and Scotsman Ice, to name a few.

We are serious about global health security and the research and creation of biodefense and envirodefense systems to help tackle unforeseen challenges. As well as improve the current health and wellbeing of the world population.

Biological Threats

Biological threats are among the most serious facing threats in the United States and the international community. This threat is evolving, so our solutions and preventative measures must evolve alongside. If all countries made it their mission to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious diseases outbreaks, it will save many lives and resources, preventing global health emergencies.

There are dozens of measures in place to do this. Scientific companies across the globe are coming up with solutions to strengthen medicines, public health, animals, and plant life, should any threats occur. BSG is doing its part, offering technological solutions that protect the population from health risks.

UV Technology

We implement UV technology into almost all our products, a method that has been used for over a hundred years to disinfect air and drinking water. The main type of UV used for disinfection is called UV-C radiation. It eliminates bacteria in the air, on objects, and surfaces unlike any other.

Ultraviolet lamps in a water disinfection plant

UV technology has been widely approved by the US FDA, US EPA, US Gov, UK Gov, CIBSE UK, and ISHARE India. Some of the key benefits of this technology are:

  • Effective at reducing microbial contamination in seconds
  • Decreases chance of respiratory illness by 40%
  • Approved and accredited solution that has been around for over a century
  • A natural solution for drug and chemical resistant infectious diseases

Our chemical-free solutions are tailored for HVAC, Food Service, and Hygiene, tackling threats in all the high-risk sectors. We also work hard to innovate and improve biodefense solutions. Currently, there are countless medical measures in place to protect the world population from potential bioterrorism, such as drugs and vaccines. At BSG, we produce health preparations that will help defend against these threats, should they ever occur.

Disease Outbreaks

Over the past few centuries, outbreaks of lethal pathogens have been responsible for millions of deaths. Three types of pathogens are of particular concern: Bacterial, Fungal, and Viral. The CDC (Centres for Disease Control & Prevention) puts bioterrorism agents/diseases into three categories (A, B & C), the highest priority agents to monitor.

After World War I, influenza saw over 40 million mortalities. Today, threats like this remain a major cause for concern, particularly with the current climate (Covid-19 pandemic). Not to mention the potential risks of further, more lethal outbreaks in the future.

This is due to the ever-evolving population posing a risk to dense and built-up areas. Combined with globalization, travel, socializing, and jobs that put the world at an increased risk of catching diseases (such as farmers working with animals), the likelihood of rapid transmission is possible.

BSG stops at nothing to continually create new, and improve current, health defense solutions. Utilizing our technology not only supports the world now but is in place ready for the future. Biotechnologies are crucial for the planet as they provide critical capabilities against potential natural and manmade threats. We strive to create and retain healthy environments for residential, commercial, and industrial clients for their protection and preparation.

You can find out more about our state-of-the-art technology here.

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