Benefits of The OGR Solution for Kitchens

If you own a kitchen, you understand how difficult it is to maintain cleanliness every day and the work you must put into ensuring equipment is kept to the highest standards, free from grease, oils, and unwanted odours. Specifically, food service employees must be aware of and adhere to dietary requirements, whether customers suffer from allergies, intolerances, or have an alternative diet such as vegetarian or vegan. This makes it even more vital to keep kitchens and equipment clean every day as well as in between orders.

Biozone Scientific is reputable for creating exceptional hygiene solutions for several industries, including the Food Service. We invented The OGR Solution, an automated and chemical-free system that reduces excess oils, grease, and unwanted odours in commercial and industrial kitchens. Combining the power of UV oxidation and photolysis, we discovered a way to prevent the accumulation of oil and grease particles in kitchen exhaust systems. But that isn’t all. Discover more about the key benefits of The OGR Solution below.

Prevents Airborne Grease & Oil in Kitchens 

Biozone Scientific’s advantage for hygiene solutions is the use of ultraviolet light, one of nature’s most effective and powerful disinfectants. Combined with our mixture of unmatched technologies, The OGR Solution effectively destroys bacteria, odours, mould, mildew, and viruses. This includes airborne greases and oils that tend to build up quickly in kitchen exhaust systems. Typically, our solution reduces grease and oil by 95% and decreases odour emissions dramatically.

Reduces the Risk of Fire Hazards 

One of the most serious hazards in commercial and industrial kitchens is grease buildup in exhaust systems. In the US, 30,000 fires are caused by cooking in kitchens, the highest compared to other non-residential buildings. 65% of fires are caused by or related to kitchen hoods. The OGR Solution ensures kitchens are kept clean and Food Service employees are safe.

Saves Staff Time on Manual Cleaning 

The OGR Solution ensures that kitchen staff can spend less time on manual cleaning and dedicate more time to other duties. Cleaning and maintaining commercial and industrial kitchens is much harder than it looks, and staff are usually unable to leave until it is done, often working overtime. BSG’s solution oxidizes grease and oil particles too small to be captured and turns them into small amounts of low-combustion ash that can easily be wiped off at the end of the day. The OGR system also reduces airborne pollutants and other chemicals by up to 95%. So, staff not only spend less time cleaning but are also working in a healthier environment.

Compatible with All Kitchen Hoods & Ducts 

Our experts worked hard to ensure that we came up with a solution for all. The OGR system is compatible with all kitchen hoods and ducts, whether you have a commercial or industrial kitchen. It is made of components that can be customised for a variety of duct and hood combinations, available as a standard or OEM solution.

To find out more about The OGR Solution please contact our team today. BSG is proud to serve our customer’s needs through scientific solutions and support. You can find our OGR systems in restaurants, healthcare facilities, schools, hotels, airports, and many other commercial institutions across the globe.  

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