Our values for the future

The values that we live and breath at BSG

Our values are the key to our success, if we live and breathe these values we know that BSG is able to make a difference globally and to each other as employees.

Line drawing of 5 lightbulbs in different sizes.


Everything we produce has a purpose and must deliver on our mission and vision. If we cannot prove with science and data that a product is making a difference it will not go past the feasibility phase.


Our ability to succeed is largely influenced by our ability to innovate, if we stand still others will overtake us. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries, to innovate.


Quality is central in everything we do, from improving product design, developing manufacturing efficiencies, refining the customer journey and maximizing product life. Our quality ethos helps to deliver an outstanding user experience


Collaborate as a team and reach out to those across the globe to learn from success and failures to make BSG, our products and partnerships as successful as possible.


Raise awareness of the impact UV disinfection has on improving lives across the world, with collaboration, teamwork and sharing of best practices to drive success.


Ensure that our impact on the planet is as small as possible and through environment, social and corporate governance. Our sustainable future will touch every aspect of the BSG organisation and will remain central to every decision that we make.

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