Technology for Air and Surface Disinfection

Living with clean air and enjoying bacteria-free spaces are the goals of everyone on the planet.

BioZone Scientific International is an advanced health and hygiene company.  We design and manufacture technology solutions for air and surface disinfection and provide a variety of effective, environmentally-nourishing products.

Automated, Chemical-free Cleaning

The most cost-effective, high-value path for everyday protection from bacteria, molds, viruses, mildew, odors, and harmful germs.

More Control over Your Environment

BioZone’s products give you more control over the spaces in which you live and work, without costly chemicals or expensive consumables, such as fragrances or extra filters.

UV-powered Solutions from BioZone

BioZone technologies are used in a variety of applications. 

Our products for air and surface disinfection are popular in several fields, including HVAC, Foodservice, and Hygiene and Odor Control.

Distributors, Contractors, and Partners

Our products have created new markets and revenue streams around the world.

We are proud to partner with respected companies interested in increasing ROI, differentiating their product offering, or amplifying existing profits.

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We can introduce you to products designed to create a cleaner, safer world.  

Please read more about our industry-specific solutions, or contact us today.

HVAC Solutions

Automated, always-on air treatment and duct cleaning

Foodservice Solutions

Ice machine disinfection, commercial kitchen hood & duct cleaning, and odor control

Hygiene and Odor Control Solutions

Surface and air disinfection and odor removal

BioZone Scientific designs and manufactures ultraviolet light commercial and industrial applications, creating systems for sanitation, preventative maintenance, and odor control solutions.

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, we serve clients globally, with offices in 5 countries on 3 continents.


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