Hygiene and Odor Control

Chemical-free Disinfection for Your Personal Environment

Surface and Air Disinfection & Odor Removal

Everyone benefits from living and working in a pleasant, virus and bacteria-free space.

Biozone offers chemical-free hygiene and odor control solutions for homes, offices, washrooms, cars, and other enclosed personal spaces.

Eliminate viruses and neutralize unpleasant odors with simple, everyday products that work automatically to eliminate airborne and surface contamination at their source.

  • Designed for washroom virus and bacteria disinfection
  • Effective against odors
  • Perfect for buildings of any size
  • Popularly used in educational establishments, restaurants, hotels and transportation hubs
  • Fast and powerful virus and bacteria disinfection
  • Commercial-grade, portable solution
  • Ideal for hotels, vehicle restoration, boat cabins, and washrooms
  • Product family includes a Mini-PowerZone, with built in timer and a carry strap 
  • Creates a personal zone of clean air, wherever you are
  • Designed as a commute companion, but perfect for homes, offices, and RV living
  • Runs off a car adapter or an optional wall plug adapter
  • Less than 1 lbs; fits neatly in a gym bag
  • Portable air and surface cleaning system
  • Popular with children’s schools, veterinarians’ offices, assisted living and care homes, and offices
  • Truly plug-and-play; runs on a standard wall plug
  • Built-in timer and adjustable fan speed

Customer review of the Biozone AC:

“My first thought was, how can such a small little unit be able to clean and purify the air so thoroughly?  That’s the beauty behind this little unit.

“One thing I like about it: other air purifiers on the market are big, noisy, and require a lot of maintenance in regards to changing lots of air filters (including HEPA filters, charcoal, and other such filters), this unit only has a High Efficiency-High Energy/High-Quality UV Lamp that uses very little power but is very effective in cleaning the air.

“(I use it in) my basement, bedroom, and laundry room area, which is about 300 square feet. This unit will filter 500 square feet easily. I put it on top of a tall bookcase in my basement, between two window,s to allow better airflow and purification and air cleaning, and immediately I noticed a difference.

“So long, stale air, mold, mildew, and other such airborne allergies. This air purifier/cleaner will eliminate and destroy them all if you use it correctly!”

— Stewart Jenkins, homeowner

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Distributors worldwide working in in commercial and residential HVAC, food service, and hygiene & odor control recognize the benefits of working with Biozone.

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Biozone's Disinfection Technology Solutions

improve the quality of people’s lives in a variety of places, including homes, offices, restaurants, airports, washrooms, and hospitals.

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Ice machine disinfection, commercial kitchen hood & duct cleaning, and odor control

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Biozone Scientific designs and manufactures ultraviolet light commercial and industrial applications, creating systems for virus disinfection and sanitation, preventative maintenance, and odor control solutions.

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