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Ice Machine Disinfection and Kitchen Safety Solutions

Restaurant owners face unique challenges finding foodservice solutions for maintaining cleanliness and safety. 

Biozone has long kept pace with the rapid expansion of technologies in the Foodservice industry.  Our products are used daily around the world by industry leaders to eliminate certain hazards and contaminations at their sources.

We offer award-winning point solutions for safety and virus disinfection, including

  • Ice machine disinfection, purifying the air and surfaces inside any ice machine eliminating viruses, bacteria and organic growth
  • Removal of oil, grease, and odors from kitchen hoods, air ducts, and exhaust systems
  • An air and surface clean-in-place (CIP) system for ice machines
  • Give your customers pure, clean, odorless ice, every time
  • Winner of the Kitchen Innovations Award
  • Works with all ice machines
  • Extends the life and uptime of the equipment
  • Controls kitchen fire hazards and odor
  • Automatically removes grease and oil from kitchen hoods and ducts.
  • Works with every possible configuration of kitchen hood and duct

Additional Food Service Industry Disinfection Solutions

In addition to disinfecting and protecting ice machines and helping safeguard kitchen hoods and ducts from dangerous fire hazards, Biozone provides a whole host of technology solutions for disinfecting air and surfaces.

Read more about the benefits of Biozone’s breakthrough solutions for improving indoor air quality, washroom disinfection and odor control, and localized hygiene.

IceZone Saves Restaurant Operator Millions

SUBWAY Restaurant’s largest franchisee reduced their operating costs by millions of dollars by switching to Biozone’s ice disinfection solution.

Their results from using a truly automated, chemical-free cleaning process were immediate, measurable, and significant.

  • Accrued cost savings on ice machine cleaning of over $1,000,000 as of 2013
  • Projected additional cost savings on ice machine cleaning of over $2,500,000 over the life span of the existing fleet
  • Reduced ice machine cleaning time by over 80%
  • The expected lifespan of ice machines increased by 30%
  • Reduced service calls relating to ice machines by 70%
  • Elimination of the threat of health code violations for unsanitary ice machines causing damage to their brand and reputation

Click below to read the full case study, compliments of SUBWAY restaurants and Biozone Scientific Group.

Partnering with Biozone

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Distributors worldwide working in in commercial and residential HVAC, food service, and hygiene & odor control recognize the benefits of working with Biozone.

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Biozone's Disinfection Technology Solutions

improve the quality of people’s lives in a variety of places, including homes, offices, restaurants, airports, washrooms, and hospitals.

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HVAC Solutions

Automated, always-on air treatment and duct cleaning

Hygiene and Odor Control Solutions

Surface and air disinfection and odor removal

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