Corporate Sustainability and Safety

BioZone is committed to sharing resources which aid and magnify the efforts of our customers. Information regarding our corporate sustainability and safety are available in every market in which BioZone does business, worldwide.

Therefore, public-facing product information can be found below, including   

  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Corporate Sustainability statements
  • Certifications
  • Regulatory Information

Corporate Sustainability

Code of Business Conduct for all BioZone Scientific Suppliers

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act Policy

Conflict Minerals Statement

ISO 14001 Certification

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Photoplasma MSDS

Sixty-inch Ultraviolet Lamp MSDS

Thirty six-inch Ultraviolet Lamp MSDS

Fifteen-inch Ultraviolet Lamp MSDS

Eleven-inch Ultraviolet Lamp MSDS

Eight-inch Ultraviolet Lamp MSDS

Four-inch Ultraviolet Lamp MSDS

Product Certifications

PR Declaration of Conformity

PowerZone Declaration of Conformity

MobiZone Declaration of Conformity

Mini PowerZone SGS FI Certificate

Mini PowerZone Declaration of Conformity

InDuct Declaration of Conformity

IceZone X UL Certification

IceZone X NSF Certificaiton

IceZone X HACCP Certification

IceZone X Declaration of Conformity

IceZone X Closed Loop UL Certification

IceZone Closed Loop NSF Certification

IceZone Closed Loop HACCP Certification

IceZone Closed Loop Declaration of Conformity

UV Lamp Declaration of Conformity

Regulatory Information

WEEE and RoHS Policy for all Gas Discharge Lamps

REACH Statement

Environmental Protection Agency Registration Information

BioZone is continually adding new products and services to our catalog.  Additionally, we do business in nearly every country around the world.  If you do not see information here relative to your application, location, or circumstance, please contact us.

Clarifications, changes, and additional information regarding our corporate sustainability and safety will be available on this page as it becomes available.

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