With a large volume of people and near-constant close contact, universities are currently one of the biggest hotbeds for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

In the UK alone, we have seen more than 27,000 cases of the novel Coronavirus at universities since September.

Limiting the spread of Coronaviruses has never been more important.

Research into UV light for disinfection has shown that airborne viruses can be killed effectively in a very short amount of time. Biozone technology, for example, has been shown to destroy 99.999% of respiratory flu-type viruses in less than 0.44 seconds in air.

This shows that UV light may be the way forward to ending the spread of Coronaviruses in universities.

Why choose UV Plasma for sanitation?

UV Light and UV Plasma systems are a low-cost, safe, and effective solution to eradicating the threat of viruses in the air and on surfaces.

With the volume of students and staff likely to be in the confines of university campuses or buildings, there’s plenty of virus droplets and aerosols being coughed, sneezed, or even breathed into the air.

Using UV Plasma means that these aerosols can be killed before they can spread.

In fact, airborne pathogens and viruses could be controlled by the use of UV Plasma for disinfection, including more familiar viruses like influenza.

Using UV light across university buildings – including in hard-to-reach places such as air conditioning units – could limit the impact of SARS-CoV-2 in educational settings, as well as in hospitals, entertainment venues, transport, and more.

HVAC disinfectant solutions which rely on UV light are proven to:

  • Reduce microbial contamination within HVAC systems by more than 90%
  • Lower respiratory illnesses among occupants by more than 40%
  • Provide a natural solution to the problem of drug-resistant and chemical-resistant infectious diseases

Can universities implement UV sanitation?

The short answer to this is yes, quite easily.

Several studies have shown that even upper-room UV sanitation alone in highly effective in killing virus aerosols, so having UV systems throughout facilities will protect you, your staff, and students better.

Ultimately, UV Light sanitation has been shown to be extremely effective in the fight against viruses such as Coronaviruses, and they could hold the key to ending the rapid spread of SARS-CoV-2 in universities.

The good news is that UV systems are easy to implement. Although they are powerful virus killers, UV Light solutions tend to be quite cost effective and are easy to install.

Biozone’s CoilCare and AirCare solutions are made up of components which work with any combination of air handling equipment, meaning that installation is simple and easy. You can customise the system in a way that works best for you.

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