04/05/2015 10:30am, London Biozone Scientific Group are proud to announce the launch of its exclusive CoilCare® System range in the United Kingdom and Europe.
Already successful in the United States, CoilCare will be distributed in the UK by exclusive partners Gibbons Engineering Group, under their new division – Gibbons Ultraviolet Solutions. Biozone Director of Sales and Marketing in Europe, Paul Morris commented ‘Gibbons Engineering Group are one of the UK’s most reputable HVAC engineering businesses, and Biozone Scientific Group are delighted to be bringing a genuinely innovative product to the UK market, through such a dedicated and experienced team.’ The UK range of services will include modelling, supplying and installing CoilCare® Systems for the surface disinfection of cooling coils and drain pans within Air Handling Units. Building operators, owners and managers will realise the following benefits from installing CoilCare®:
  • Improved HVAC system efficiency
  • Bio-contaminants reduced by up to 99% for improved indoor air quality
  • Improvement in Staff Health, Wellbeing & Productivity
  • Energy savings of up to 25%
  • Extended service life of HVAC components
For more information on Biozone Scientific, Gibbons Ultraviolet Solutions and CoilCare® please call Paul Morris on +44 7709 216 184 or email [email protected]
About Biozone Scientific Group Inc. Biozone Scientific, based in Orlando, FL, is a privately-held global manufacturing leader in UV technologies, with sales offices in the UK, Finland, Hong Kong, China, and the USA. Biozone Scientific specializes in ultraviolet light-based solutions for chemical-free disinfection and sanitation of air and surfaces.