If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel, you are probably familiar with the ice machines most hotels have available for their guests to use.

With most hotels providing at least one ice machine per floor, there are easily upwards of a dozen ice machines on the premise that need to be properly cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, not all ice machines in hotels are getting the attention that they require.

When the Greensboro, NC, news station WFMY News 2 looked into hotel ice machine records at the start of the 2014 holiday season they were surprised to find that hotels in their county had a pretty appalling track record when it came to ice machine sanitation.

With over 70% of Guilford County hotels sporting ice machine inspection problems, the news team went on the prowl for more information about ice machine sanitation.

Their search for ice machine sanitation related information led them to Biozone Scientific’s IceZone®.

IceZone staff went on the record with the WFMY News 2 team about hotel ice machine sanitation. Biozone Scientific’s Adam Anthony told the news crew that when he’s on the road unless he sees IceZone on the ice machine, he sticks to bottled beverages and steers clear of any ice.

IceZone, Biozone’s UV ice machine cleaning solution, is an easy way to ensure an ice machine is sanitary and clean. For hotels with dozens of ice machines, fewer necessary ice machine cleanings can mean huge time and cost savings.

IceZone is a clean-in-place UV sanitation system that prevents slime, mold, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeast from growing on the surfaces of an ice machine.

Proven to eliminate over 99% of surface micro-contamination, IceZone can make a huge impact on the health and safety of ice machines.

Learn how IceZone saved the Rottinghaus Company millions in the case study below, or contact us to learn more about IceZone.

IceZone Subway Case Study: IceZone Saves Restaurant Operator Millions


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