Properly sanitizing an ice machine can be a time consuming and labor intensive process, which is why it is so often neglected or improperly completed.

To begin with, to prepare an ice machine for cleaning and sanitizing it should be turned off overnight to allow any remaining ice to melt after the ice has been removed. Any water that has collected should then be removed. 

Next, the machine should be wiped down with warm water and a cleaning solution. To properly sanitize an ice machine the machine should be as disassembled as possible, and each interior, exterior, and removal surface should be individually covered with a sanitizing solution and then rinsed with water and wiped dry.

After the ice machine has been reassembled, the machine should be allowed to run for a complete freeze and harvest cycle.

The ice from the first post-sanitizing cycle should be discarded because it may contain residual sanitizer.

This whole process is, unfortunately, tedious and can take several hours to complete. However, ice machines that have been infrequently or improperly sanitized are huge risks for ice machine operators.

From health code infractions to the risk of illness, improperly sanitized ice machines can have serious consequences.

There is an alternative to frequent manual cleanings: IceZone®.

IceZone is an automated ice machine sanitation system that reduces the number of required manual ice machine cleanings by up to 75%. IceZone is a multi-patented Clean-In-Place (CIP) food equipment sanitation system that prevents slime, mold, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeast from growing on the surfaces of ice machines and is proven by independent third-party test labs to eliminate over 99% of surface micro-contamination.

By reducing the number of times an ice machine needs to be manually sanitized throughout the year, even when you factor in the cost of  IceZone, a typical installation will save over $400 in the first year.

The savings from switching to IceZone over manual cleaning coupled with how easy it is to install, typically less than 30 minutes, make IceZone a viable long-term solution for ice machine maintenance.

Download the case study below to learn more about how IceZone saved the Rottinghaus Company millions or contact us to learn more about IceZone®.

IceZone Subway Case Study: IceZone Saves Restaurant Operator Millions


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