From pre-k to doctorate programs, educational facilities across all levels of education operate and maintain ice machines.

Some educational facilities operate hundreds of machines across multiple campuses and buildings, and some maintain a few ice machines in the same building. 

Most educational facilities are responsible for maintaining at least one ice machine.

Ice machine cleanliness is a serious issue for educational institutions. Most ice machine operators follow a manufactures cleaning schedule, or even step it up with a few extra cleanings throughout the year, but educational facilities maintain some of the most rigorous cleaning schedules found in any industry.

Cleanings take place as often as once per week.

The result of such strenuous ice machine cleaning schedules is that educational facilities spend millions of dollars a year and countless man hours maintaining their ice machines.

One of the easiest ways for educational facilities to cut down their ice machine cleaning budget is to install an ice machine sanitation system, like BioZone Scientific’s IceZone®.  IceZone is an NSF, UL, and HACCP-certified automated ice machine sanitation system that inhibits the growth of slime, mold, yeast, bacteria, and other contaminants.

Cut Operating Costs without Sacrificing Machine Cleanliness

Because IceZone is approved for use on all ice machine manufacturers’ equipment, IceZone is an easily retrofitted and scalable automated ice machine sanitation solution for any make or model of ice machine.

IceZone makes sense for educational facilities because it reduces ice machine cleaning time by over 80%! In addition to cutting cleaning costs, IceZone has also been proven to extend the expected life span of an ice machine by 30%, further reducing ice machine costs for educational facilities.

If you would like to learn more about IceZone for school applications, click here or follow the link below to learn how IceZone saved a well-known restaurant operator millions!

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