Ice machine operators have been fighting a losing battle against slime in their ice machines.

The only thing they can do to fight it is to try and sanitize and clean their machines often enough to prevent slime in the ice machine from building up.

But no matter what they do, the slime will grow.

What is the slime in the ice machine?

Slime is a substance within an ice machine that is composed of yeast, mold, biofilm, organic growth, and biological pollution.

It has a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes based on the exact combination of the contaminants that make it up.  No matter what it looks like, it is unpleasant. And, unfortunately, it is inevitable.

Slime occurs within ice machines because ice machines offer everything that slime needs to grow.

Fouling in the ice machine can be the result of even a single colony forming unit of contamination present in the surrounding air that enters the ice machine.

Within an ice machine, temperatures can range from 41° to 145°F, moisture is present, and sufficient nourishment is provided in the ambient air. This set of circumstances is perfect for slime to grow and thrive in.

Unfortunately, the only step that most ice machine operators take to stop the spread of slime is frequent cleanings. Cleaning an ice machine, however, takes hours and is labor intensive. 

Most ice machines aren’t cleaned often enough to stop slime from spreading.

IceZone,  a multi-patented Clean-In-Place (CIP) food equipment sanitation system, can help ice machine owners take a stand against slime growth.

 IceZone prevents slime, mold, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeast from growing on the surfaces of ice machines.

With no lost hours of productivity or need to remember a schedule, IceZone is the perfect solution because it is automated and continuously operating.

Check out the case study below to see just how effective IceZone is, and how much it can save in annual ice machine cleanings all while winning the fight against slime build up.

IceZone Subway Case Study: IceZone Saves Restaurant Operator Millions


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