Of all the places ice machines have found themselves over the years, one of the most highly scrutinized is their place in schools.

From primary schools to universities, ice machine maintenance is taken very seriously. It may come as a surprise, but ice machines in schools are inspected far more often than in nearly any other setting.

Frequent ice machine inspections in schools has led, unsurprisingly, to a much more demanding cleaning schedule than in nearly any other application.

Some schools even conduct ice machine internal maintenance cleaning as frequently as weekly.

The demanding schedule of ice machine maintenance in schools takes a toll. The process of properly sanitizing an ice machine is time-consuming and often expensive. 

It’s difficult to estimate exactly how expensive because ice machine maintenance in schools is an internal function and varies widely.

For educational institutions, the monetary and time costs of maintaining demanding ice machine maintenance schedules is considered justified because the prevention of sickness is a high priority.

With students and faculty sharing close quarters for long periods of time, preventing the spread of illness is of the utmost importance.   

But just because ice machine maintenance in schools can be expensive doesn’t mean it has to be.

BioZone Scientific’s IceZone® can offer schools a viable alternative to manual cleaning, while still addressing the need to ensure their ice machines meet their high standards of sanitization.

BioZone Scientific’s IceZone is an easily installed NSF, UL, and HACCP certified automated ice machine sanitation system that inhibits the growth of slime, mold, yeast, bacteria, and other contaminants.

Approved by all ice machine manufacturers, IceZone is easily retrofitted and scalable for any make or model of ice machine.

IceZone Subway Case Study: IceZone Saves Restaurant Operator Millions

Because IceZone® is an automated ice machine sanitation solution, it reduces ice machine cleaning time by over 80%.

For schools who clean their ice machine frequently this means major cost savings because IceZone is priced for short term ROI.

IceZone has also been proven to extend the expected life span of ice machines by 30% and reduce ice machine related service calls by 70%!

If you would like to learn more about IceZone for school applications, click here or follow the link to learn how IceZone saved a well-known restaurant operator millions!


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