We’ve spent a lot of time writing and taking about the dangers of improperly sanitized ice machines.

The consequences of not maintaining an ice machine can range from mildly annoying (changes in the taste of beverages) to downright devastating (sick customers).

If an ice machine’s cleaning schedule isn’t maintained, slime, yeast, mold, biofilm, organic growth, and biological pollution builds up and grows and spreads inside.

The growth of ice machine slime is inevitable, it’s just something that will always happen within ice machines.

The only way to effectively stop slime is to clean and sanitize the ice machine faster than the slime can grow.

But what does an ice machine cleaning schedule look like?

For some ice machine operators, like those working in schools, universities, educational facilities and hospitals, the frequency of ice machine cleanings can be as regular as weekly.

Other operators only perform ice machine sanitation on a bi-yearly or yearly basis.

While a weekly schedule may seem like overkill, on the other end of the spectrum annuals cleanings surely cannot be adequate.

Ice machines should be sanitized as soon as the equipment demonstrates the earliest signs of visible contamination.

For some models of ice machine, this can mean a cleaning schedule of anywhere between 2 and 10 times a year, depending on the environment

A number of factors affect the required cleaning and sanitizing schedule, including:

  • Airborne contamination concentration
  • On-site baking/cooking equipment nearby
  • Handling and storage of ice scoops
  • Water quality

IceZone® is an ideal solution for companies that want to cut down on their ice machine maintenance and/or are worried about ice machine sanitation in between cleanings.

IceZone works by using UV oxidation to create an environment inside the ice machine that prevents the growth of contaminating slime that would otherwise spread throughout the ice machine.

IceZone is a fully automated solution that is easy to install and works around the clock to protect your equipment, employees, patients, and customers alike.

IceZone is certified to be safe and proven to be effective.

While technically an ice machine might be adequately maintained with only two cleanings a year, this assumes that the machine is operating under ideal conditions.

The truth is that very few ice machines are operated under ideal conditions, and typically much more frequent cleanings are required.

This is especially true of settings such as hospitals and schools, where patients, students, and staff are more vulnerable to infection than other groups.

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IceZone Subway Case Study: IceZone Saves Restaurant Operator Millions


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