Ice machine cleaning is no easy task.  

Ice machines installed in common settings, such as restaurants, can become contaminated by bacteria, fungus, mold, and yeast in both the air and water.

This cocktail of contaminants is known as biofilm, or slime. Biofilm can foul equipment to the point of malfunction.  Serious health risks arise to anyone who handles or consumes ice produced by fouled equipment.

Contaminated ice machines pose a number of very serious problems, including:

  • Can ruin the taste of beverages
  • Expensive to clean
  • Can cause equipment malfunction
  • Risk of health inspection infraction
  • Bad publicity
  • Spread infection to customers

One of the biggest challenges in performing proper maintenance and ice machine cleaning is that the process typically involves dismantling the ice machine and temporarily relocating the equipment to a place where a pressure washer can be used to penetrate into the ice machine.

Several layers of the ice machine must be disassembled to expose all of the compartments, cracks, and crevices. The cleaning process is a considerable drain on employee time, resources, and is expensive.

For a long time, the expenses of maintaining an ice machine were simply one of the many large expenses faced by restaurant owners that couldn’t be mitigated or avoided. This was the challenge facing the Rottinghaus’ Company, SUBWAY®’s largest franchisee, before they began implementing IceZone®.

In this new case study you will learn about how the Rottinghaus’ Company struggled to maintain their ice machines while keeping down costs that were in excess of 10x the initial cost of the ice machines themselves.

Years were spent testing sanitation methods and failing to find a cost-effective solution.  Finally, the Rottinghaus Company turned to IceZone.

IceZone gave them an automated, chemical-free cleaning process that saved the company over $1,000,000 over a 5 year period.

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IceZone Subway Case Study: IceZone Saves Restaurant Operator Millions


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