Orlando, FL (PR.com) July 11, 2013

Frozen Food Gift Group Inc. Announces Partnership with BioZone Scientific International to Launch Ground-breaking New Ice Machine Sanitation Technology

Publicly traded company announces partnership with manufacturer of leading equipment sanitation system to provide ice machine owners and operators with a better solution for their ice needs

Frozen Food Gift Group Inc. (OTC BB: FROZ) today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Miami Ice Machine Company (“MIMCO,” miamiicemachine.com) has entered into a long term agreement with BioZone Scientific International Inc. (biozonescientific.com) to incorporate the latest-generation ice machine sanitation technologies into the complete line of MIMCO ice machines. The new technology introduces a safe and effective way to automate ice machine and ice bin sanitation to relieve operators of the burden and cost of keeping ice machines clean, and to prevent the contamination of harmful bacteria and other micro-contaminants that can be found in ice.

In the partnership, BioZone Scientific will provide the technology and manufacturing for a compact device, IceZone® X, which will be included as a standard feature in all new MIMCO ice machines. MIMCO is the very first ice machine manufacturer to offer automated ice machine sanitation as a standard feature. Under the terms of the deal BioZone Scientific will private label IceZone® X for MIMCO under trademark SanICE® for use on all MIMCO ice machines. IceZone® X will remain available for sale and installation through BioZone Scientific on all non-MIMCO ice machines and all retrofit equipment.

“Securing this partnership to have IceZone® X available as a standard feature on our ice machines fits in perfectly with our mission to offer the highest-quality equipment on the market,” said Jonathan Irwin, Frozen Food Gift Group Chief Executive Officer.

“One of the principal challenges with operating a national ice machine leasing company is the maintenance burden required to keep our equipment fleet performing in top condition. IceZone® X dramatically reduces the ice machine cleaning cycle, in our experience up to a 75% reduction. We expect IceZone® X to decrease our cleaning and maintenance expenses and we anticipate realizing a complete return on our investment within months of installation,” continued Irwin.

BioZone Scientific’s latest generation of sanitation systems for ice machines and ice bins was launched earlier this year at The NAFEM Show 2013 in Orlando to industry acclaim. IceZone® X is a Clean-In-Place system that keeps ice machines clean, reduces equipment downtime and malfunctions, and increases the lifespan of ice machines. The device can be installed inside of the ice machine mechanical cabinet or mounted outside the ice machine on any horizontal or vertical surface, including on the ice machine itself or on any nearby surface. IceZone® is the only ice machine and ice bin sanitation system that is certified by NSF, UL, and HACCP International.

Ari Ahola, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BioZone Scientific added, “The main developed markets for IceZone® X are the foodservice industry, ice machine manufacturers, and ice machine leasing companies. BioZone’s IceZone® X product fits perfectly with MIMCO’s unique business model as they design and manufacture their own equipment specifically for the ice machine leasing market. IceZone® X will increase MIMCO’s profitability by significantly reducing cleaning costs, significantly reducing technical malfunctions, and increasing expected life cycle of their ice machines.”

“BioZone Scientific is a recognized global leader in chemical-free UV disinfection and UV sanitation technologies,” said Jeffery A. Saltzman, Frozen Food Gift Group Senior Vice President of Research and Development.
“The plain and simple truth is that we have evaluated every competing ice machine sanitation system on the planet and IceZone® is the best sanitation system on the market. IceZone® keeps ice machines clean and free of mold and slime biofilm buildup, even in the most challenging environments. IceZone® not only works, but is very affordable, priced at the cost of around two ice machine cleanings.”

Biofilm, or mold or slime as it is typically referred to in the industry, is a serious problem that contaminates ice machines and ice bins, especially in environments like bars and restaurants with high airborne yeast content. Ice equipment can become fouled by slime within a matter of weeks or even days after cleaning in some locations. Ice machine maintenance can become a costly distraction for equipment owners and operators.

IceZone® X works through a patented process that utilizes a powerful ultraviolet lamp to convert the air inside of an ice machine into a photoplasma sanitizing oxidizer. This photoplasma mixture contains ozone, hydroxyl radicals, and other oxidizing agents and is used to inhibit organic growth.
IceZone® X requires only an annual UV lamp replacement and no other maintenance, and requires no replacement filters, dispensers, or costly adjustments to the water delivery system as is necessary with other ice machine sanitation technologies.

“The fact that IceZone® X keeps ice machines clean and requires so little maintenance allows MIMCO to eliminate special purpose visits to customer locations. MIMCO technicians can visit installation sites once per year to carry out required UV lamp replacements, in sync with pre-scheduled visits to replace water filters,” said Adam Anthony, BioZone Scientific Chief Operating Officer.

About Frozen Food Gift Group Inc.

Frozen Food Gift Group Inc. (OTC BB: FROZ), is the only publicly traded company that sends specialized ice cream gift products via the Internet for delivery anywhere in the U.S. (http://www.SENDaSCOOP.com).

About Miami Ice Machine Company Inc.

MIMCO is a leading provider of quality refrigeration equipment of all types, including walk-in refrigerators and freezers, with over 50 years of operation. MIMCO (http://www.miamiicemachine.com) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Frozen Food Gift Group Inc. (OTC BB: FROZ).

About BioZone Scientific International Inc.

BioZone Scientific, based in Orlando, FL, is a privately-held global manufacturing leader in UV technologies, with sales offices in the UK, Finland, Hong Kong, China, and the USA, and a network of authorized distributors spanning the globe. BioZone Scientific specializes in ultraviolet light-based solutions for chemical-free disinfection and sanitation of the air and surfaces.

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