Orlando, FL (PR.com) March 5, 2013

The World’s Best-Selling Ice Machine Sanitation System Just Got Better.

BioZone Scientific International launches IceZone® X to help restaurant owners and operators reduce ice machine cleanings by up to 75%.

During these difficult economic times there could be great news for restaurant owners and operators on the horizon. One Florida company has developed the next generation chemical-free UV light-based ice machine sanitation system and is now offering it to customers. The solution, branded IceZone® X, can save restaurants thousands of dollars in operating expenses and typically pays for itself within the first year of operation, according to BioZone Scientific, the manufacturer of IceZone®.

Ice machines can be difficult to maintain and keep clean, especially in establishments where there is high airborne yeast content such as in restaurants, bars and pubs. “High yeast content in the air, especially where onsite baking occurs or where beverages on tap are served, can quickly promote uncontrollable slime or mold growth in ice machines,” says Adam Anthony, Chief Operating Officer of BioZone Scientific. “Airborne yeast has long been identified as the primary culprit in fouling ice machines,” according to Anthony, who mentions that many national ice machine leasing companies typically will not place ice machines in restaurants because of the costly maintenance burden caused by the environment.

Data collected from customers indicates that IceZone® X can extend the interval in between required cleanings by up to 75%. For a restaurant owner or operator, that savings could amount to thousands of dollar per year per ice machine. “We literally have customers tell us that they had almost given up searching for a solution to keep their ice machines cleans after years on the trail. IceZone® X solved their problem.” says Anthony. Independent test labs have verified that IceZone® X can deliver reductions in ice machine surface bacteria and yeast counts by over 99%.

IceZone® X works by employing a powerful UV light encased in a proprietary metallic reaction chamber. The patented process produces a combination of ozone and other oxygen-containing oxidants that inactivate bacteria, yeast, and other micro-contaminants. As air from the ice machine is drawn into IceZone® the micro-contaminants are destroyed and the ozone/oxidant-containing purifying photoplasma is distributed, offering protection throughout the ice machine and bin. Although the technology sounds advanced, the results are easy to see: clean ice machines and ice bins that stay clean for extended periods of time. Unlike other solutions on the market, IceZone® adds no corrosive chemicals or exposed UV rays that could damage foodservice equipment. IceZone® X is the first foodservice device that employs BioZone Scientific’s PlasmaPulse® and PlasmaProtect® photoplasma delivery systems.

BioZone Scientific will be an exhibitor in booth # 9415 at the upcoming National Restaurant Association’s NRA Show, May 18-21, 2013 at the McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. Although BioZone Scientific is prominently featuring IceZone® at the NRA Show, BioZone AC® will also be showcased for advanced chemical-free odor control for foodservice applications. To make an appointment with BioZone Scientific at the NRA Show or for ordering information about IceZone® or BioZone AC® contact Steve Barnes at 1-407-876-2000 or steve.barnes@biozonescientific.com.

About IceZone®

Got Slime? Get IceZone®. Stop spending money cleaning your ice machine and start saving today! IceZone® is the only ice machine sanitation system certified by NSF, HACCP, and UL. IceZone® is CE marked and RoHS compliant. IceZone&reg is found on tens of thousands of commercial ice machines around the globe and is compatible with all major ice machine makes and models.

About BioZone AC®

BioZone AC® is the only odor and hygiene control system certified by HACCP, and SGS. BioZone AC® is CE marked and RoHS compliant. BioZone AC® is found in tens of thousands of public restrooms and public transportation vehicles around the globe, offering advanced and maintenance-free odor control.

About BioZone Scientific International®

BioZone Scientific International, a private company based in Orlando, FL, is the leading manufacturer of UV light-based systems for commercial and industrial anti-fouling and odor control applications. BioZone Scientific’s multi-patented chemical-free technology provides continuous, around-the-clock protection of equipment, requiring little to no maintenance. There are over 50,000 BioZone Scientific systems installed worldwide in diverse applications such as commercial ice machines, major sporting venues, transportation stations, public restrooms, restaurants, schools, and hospitals.

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