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Automated, chemical-free disinfection technologies

Commercial and Residential Air Disinfection

Everyone benefits from living and working in a pleasant, bacteria-free space.

BioZone offers chemical-free air and surface HVAC solutions for cleaning both residential and commercial enclosed spaces.

  • Automatic, chemical-free disinfection
  • Perfect proactive maintenance tool
  • Lower energy expenses
  • Increase equipment life
  • Improve health and productivity by improving indoor air quality
  • Commercial and industrial applications
  • Produces high-quality indoor air conditions comparable to pristine outdoor environments.
  • Can reduce HVAC energy costs by 20-40%
  • BiPolar allows buildings to reduce outside air requirements by 50% or more below standard by using the ASHRAE 62.1 Indoor Air Quality Procedure
  • Designed to clean cooling coils, drain pans, and ventilation ductwork in commercial buildings
  • Save thousands of dollars per year and never clean your coils again
  • Fits any air handling unit
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Wired for quick plug-and-play
  • Simple to maintain
  • Easy to quote
  • Perfect residential solution
  • Reduces allergens
  • Rids home of airborne pathogens, including mold, bacteria, viruses, and harsh airborne chemicals
  • Chemical-free
  • Never clean your coils again, merely replace the UV lamp on schedule
  • Famous service and lifetime warranty
  • Commercial and industrial applications
  • Installed in the plenum or main body of ductwork, downstream of the air blower
  • Works with any duct size or configuration
  • Fits seamlessly into new AHUs and easily retrofit into existing HVAC systems

Case Study:  HVAC Solutions for Raffles City Complex, Singapore

Raffles City is a large complex located in downtown Singapore.  Occupying an entire city block, it houses two hotels, multiple foreign embassies, and an office tower over a shopping complex and a convention center.

BioZone solutions were first installed and closely monitored in 2017.  Analysis showed the following benefits after BioZone solutions were activated:

  • Heat transfer at coil improved
  • Supply air velocity was reduced
  • Chilled water Delta T has widened
  • Less chilled water flow (Q=mc∆T)
  • Less condensate (Q=2.45∆x)
  • U-value improved by 20% or more
  • Chilled water demand was reduced by about 20%


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BioZone's Disinfection Technology Solutions

improve the quality of people’s lives in a variety of places, including homes, offices, restaurants, airports, washrooms, and hospitals.

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Surface and air disinfection and odor removal

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